Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Brynn: Sometimes It’s So Discouraging

Melissa: Plame Was Covert at Time of Leak

Melissa: Kip Dynamite to Replace Wolfowitz at World Bank

Melissa: ZOMG: Project For The New American Bachelor

Kathy: Hey, Guess What? Torture Doesn’t Work!

Melissa: Freddy Got Fingered

Tart: In Which Barak Obama Goes Up In My Estimation

Kathy: American Deaths in Iraq Hits Two-Year High

Mustang Bobby: Second Thoughts

Wolfie: The Consequences of Actions

Melissa: Wednesday Blogwhoring

Waveflux: Not Caring about Hillary

Melissa: I Have Only One Question for Vice President Cheney

Waveflux: Morons Who Put Other People in Danger

Mustang Bobby: Great Moments in Military History

Waveflux: MySpace/News Corp Buys Photobucket

Kathy: The Right: Never Right and Never Wrong

Melissa: Teen Rape: Hilarious!

Melissa: Bush Takes a Firm Stand Against Protecting Americans

Kathy: Uhhh, What Happened To Protecting the American People?

Melissa: Question of the Day

Kathy: Mighty Joe Lieberman

Kathy: Pres. Bush Wants Iraq to be the New South Korea


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