Question of the Day

Who needs to make a comeback?

It can be an actor, a writer, a singer, a comedian, an athlete…any profession. Now, we’re not talking about a comeback from the dead here; just someone (alive) who’s had a good career in the past which has faded for whatever reason, and you wish it weren’t so.

I’m going to go with Robert Downey, Jr. But only because I know that Morrissey and Marr will never just get over it and get on with it already.



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65 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. I hate these kinds of questions because I’m always afraid that the people I think have disappeared haven’t really–I’ve just stopped paying attention to them–so I’m going to go with William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It’s a terrific play and as far as I know, there hasn’t been a film version made of it in decades.

    Now watch someone give me a link to one that came out last year or something.

  2. Lamb Cannon

    i have to second konagod’s vote for Larry Sanders (altho garry shandling was great in the more or less dreadful Over the Hedge).

    on the positive side, netflix has “Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show” now


    I can’t wait to see Pee-Wee’s Playhouse: The Movie!

  4. MAJeff

    Cher, but only to do another farewell tour, because I really need to see at least one of her good-bye tour concerts live and I have yet to do so.

  5. …except he’s not really faded, but he had a good career going there and I wish it had kept going.

  6. Cher,

    Please God(s), no. When I lived in San Francisco, I lived over a crappy bar which played “Believe” at least four times a night for the first six months I lived there. They also played a lot of Freddy Fender, strangely enough.

  7. I’m like Incertus, but my choice – and I’m sticking to it – is Steven Wright. Oh, how I love his deadpan and twisted mind!

  8. Hippodameia

    Rupert Everett. He was good.

  9. MR. Bill

    Paul Carrick, the singer from Squeeze.

  10. Lou Reed could use a Time Out of Mind-style comeback album.

  11. Reb

    This season’s Yankees team. Grumble.

  12. Daria

    I suppose it is a little obvious today, but Lindsay Lohan? Seriously, I loved Mean Girls–I miss that Lindsay.

  13. Angelos

    I don’t know, Shakes, I like Downey where he is. He gets steady work again, and he doesn’t really strike me as the generic “star” type of guy.

    Just a brilliant actor, and a quirky dude. OK, a freakin’ really quirky dude.

    I want something, anything, with John Cleese in it. Actually, he needs to be directly involved in its creation too.

  14. Angelos

    LOL Brave Sir Robin

  15. mamajane

    Musically…toughie…maybe The Alan Parsons Project?

    I’d love to see Dyan (sp?) Cannon return to acting. One of the funniest movies scenes ever (imho) is from Author, Author. She plays a flaky actress who’s dating Al Pacino. Anyone remember, the dinner date scene? She has a line of aspirin tablets lined up on the table, and takes one with each drink of champagne, “because champagne gives me headache”.

  16. mikefromtexas

    Gary Hart.

  17. Kate217

    Elayne Boozler and Rita Rudner both come to mind.

  18. David Steinberg, and his frequent musical guest, John Hartford.

  19. Rowan Atkinson, or more specifically, the Black Adder.

    That “not coming back for the dead” stipulation is very limiting.

  20. Me. Where am I?

    I mention that champagne and aspirin scene all the time.

  21. katecontinued

    Winona Ryder

    I mean Cheney and Chimpy McStagger stole billions and billions right in front of us with zero accountability.

    She stole some clothes, for fuck’s sake, years ago . . . and she is disappeared. Doesn’t make sense.

  22. RayCeeYa

    Christopher Lloyd is truly one of the most brilliant and under appreciated actors of all time. I’m not talking about goofy “Back to the Future” Christopher Lloyd. I’m talking about “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” Christopher Lloyd. I’m talking about “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Christopher Lloyd.

    Mostly I want him to try being the villain again. He has so much personality it’s sad to see it wasted on goofy comedies. Not that Doc Brown, and Uncle Fester aren’t classic characters, I just think he has the potential for more.

  23. Karmakin

    Downey is staring in the new Iron Man movie. Which if done right should really be good considering his acting talents. Hardly down and out. Actually one could argue this could be the start of a big resurgence for him.

    So I’ll break it up.


    Probably James. The Tim Booth solo stuff is good, but it lacks the big sound. I WOULD say The Smashing Pumpkins..but…

    It’s live season again! Woooo! (I’m a big fan of following a band through a whole tour via boots, watching how songs and playlists evolve.)

    Oh, by the way, the song linked is actually about 20 minutes long. So you can see what thrills me. “Fascists Ashes, we all fall down”

    Hmmmm…I’ll say that I’d most like to see Bill Murray do some more classic stuff. The newer stuff is good, but I’m tired of ultra-depressed Murray and I want to see snarky egotistical Murray.

  24. ananke

    Alexis Denison

  25. This isn’t a “who” but…

    A new Star Trek TV series!

    I suggest the following:

    Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy

    Seven of Nine, Data and Wesley Crusher return as instructors at the Star Fleet Academy.

    The series features a cast of young students being taught by starship veterans.

    Premier Episode:

    To spice things up, the academy president is the future Borg queen!

    She is promoting a new technology that allows students to link minds and learn through direct neural interface.

    That’s right, the Borg began as humans and travelled through time and space to the Delta Quadrant.

    Seven of Nine is the only one who knows this. She enlists the aid of several top students to fight the Borg and banish them to far-away space in the distant past through an artificial wormhole created by Data.

  26. Oops! I missed the ALIVE part!

  27. oooooh!

    So many excellent choices!!

    I will say YES to:

    Gary Hart
    Berke Breathed
    Calvin and Hobbes

    Can I say Letters To Cleo?

  28. Angelos

    Re: Berke Breathed

    I like his Sunday comic just fine. It would be impossible to create the momentum of “Bloom County” again…

  29. Oh, and i forgot to add ….
    A HUGE yes to Winona Ryder. She can act circles around any of today’s Ingénues with the possible exception of Scarlett Johansson.

    Yes, she screwed up, but hell, at least she wasn’t running around sans panties showing her crotch and driving drunk. Hollywood seems to not only forgive that, but reward it.

  30. Yahoo Serious and Carrot Top, together for the first time in a remake of that classic Danny DeVito film “Twins”!

    Okay. Seriously, I’ll third the nomination for Winona Ryder. And not just because I have never taken her off my laminated list. (Freudian Moment: I originally typo’d that as “lust”.)

    George Carlin needs to come back. I know, you think he’s already back. But he’s not. His body is back, but his mind is tapioca. Comeback tour for George Carlin’s Mind – Live At Madison Square Garden.

  31. Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series is back!

    Michael Tolliver Lives

  32. Nik E Poo

    Warning: Uncensored NikEPoo criticism ahead…

    Robert Downey, Jr.???!?!?! BLECKITY,BLECK,BLECK, BLECK!!!
    Sorry … but I feel I need to brush my teeth for just saying his name out loud. He is a hack-tastically overrated, disingenuous, felonious, scuzzy-lookin, amoral bottom feeder (no offense to the noble Sea Cucumber).

    I think its high time that John Billingsley had his own show.

  33. Time-Machine

    The Muppets. I know they come out with some made-for-TV, half-baked movie every other year of so, but I would love another feature-length cinema production. Post-Henson can still be good, A Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island were hilarious. And while not quite as good, I didn’t completely hate Muppets in Space (it made good use of my favourite king prawn in the whole world).

    So Muppets. Something new with a big budget that doesn’t suck.

    On that note, Disney animated musicals. Granted, right now there’s all the fuss about the first black princess in production, so maybe that’ll be soon, and maybe it won’t suck.

    Actually, on that note, musicals. Not necessarily edgy musicals either. I mean, I love Moulin Rouge, and RENT (though the play was better) as much as the next person, but whatever happened to the Mary Poppins style musical? Or Newsies? Original for-film musicals that are family friendly?

    But I guess those aren’t people, so don’t count.

    Oh, and I second Christopher Lloyd. And Calvin and Hobbes. Amen.

  34. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    I saw several good choices here, but I pick Winona. She can steal my stuff any time. 😉

  35. Seven of Nine, Data and Wesley Crusher return as instructors at the Star Fleet Academy.

    Much as I like Wil Wheaton, no. WORST CHARACTER EVAR!

    Definitely need Bashir and O’Brien. And sneak Garak away from rebuilding Cardassia somehow.

  36. Melissa McEwan

    He is a hack-tastically overrated, disingenuous, felonious, scuzzy-lookin, amoral bottom feeder (no offense to the noble Sea Cucumber).

    Okay, but what do you really think of him, lol?

  37. Ginger Yellow

    Does Bruce Campbell count? If so, him.
    And rather obviously Firefly

  38. Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy

    Seven of Nine, Data and Wesley Crusher return as instructors at the Star Fleet Academy.

    I think any future Star Trek series needs to go even farther into the future, so I’d suggest Star Trek: The Temporal Corps, as introduced in Voyager. It offers all sorts of chances for cameos the way Voyager did for Troi and Barkley, and it throws in the time-travel angle which generally makes for interesting stories.

  39. Captain Beefheart

    Lowell Weicker (I have this fantasy about Joe leaving office and the CT Gov appointing Lowell to replace him.)

    Tom Lehrer

  40. Bruce Campbell? He just had a part in the Biggest Box Office Debut Ever, didn’t he? Can’t you even go a fortnight without Bruce?

    If not, I know how you feel.

  41. LS

    Andre Agassi. *sigh* It was so sad to see him start the last US Open so well, really looking like he might win his last tournament, and then just struggle so hard with the pain… Dang. I miss him already.

  42. Logos

    David Bowie!!

    I just saw “Labyrinth” – and man, the fact that I didn’t *completely* get turned off by the guy rocking the 80s super-mullet Kabuki wig and the tight tights makes me realize that David Bowie is a god.

  43. Arkades

    Janeane Garofolo. Granted, she’s not exactly gone, but her career hasn’t taken off the way I thought/hoped it would. Come back, Janeane!

  44. SarahP

    Tim Daly. Beautiful, beautiful man, good actor, has been married to the same woman since 1982!

  45. Dear Baseball Gods,

    THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES really really really really need a winning season.


    The Holy Fatman

  46. Jersey

    Margot Timmins and Lauren Ambrose.

  47. Sting, but it would require getting his head out of his ass. The Police reunion tour is a good start, but it seems to come more out of desperation for his musical talents than anything else.

  48. DWF

    The Cars! The Cars really need to do a tour. I would love to see them. Why? I don’t really know. I just really want to hear “Bye Bye Love” live.

  49. DWF

    Oh, I would also really like it if Molly Ringwald suddenly did a string of movies that were as wildly popular as her 80s years. I’d just be so happy.

  50. (1) VH1 Stand-UP Spotlight with Bobby Collins
    (2) The REAL MTV (Come out, Come Out wherever you are!!!)
    (3) Calvin and Hobbes
    (4) Al Gore
    (5) Morrisey
    (6) The Police

  51. Late to the thread but…

    Margot Timmins

    I think there is a brand new Cowboy Junkies album. I don’t really care for them, but Radio Paradise plays them a lot, which is how I know.

  52. Jersey – Lauren Ambrose is in a sitcom that was picked up by Fox (so, it’s probably already canceled, but..), called The Return of Jezebel James. Co-starring Parker Posey.

  53. Re: The Cars

    Much of the band toured recently under the name The New Cars, with Todd Rundgren as lead singer and ex-Tube Prairie Prince on drums.

    Now you know why, when Ric Ocasek was on the Colbert Report, he put Todd Rundgren “On Notice.”

    Re: The Police

    Okay, since you asked, they’re back together and touring.


  54. America (the good). It really needs to comeback–just ask the rest of the world.

  55. Oh, I meant the country, not the band.

  56. Grant Morrison, please.

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