Morons who put other people in danger

Today’s category: selfish pricks who know they’re infected with tuberculosis and fly commercial anyway, disregarding the warnings of health officials.

“I’m a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person,” the man, who declined to give his name, was quoted in the newspaper interview as saying. “This is insane to me, that I have an armed guard outside my door, when I’ve cooperated with everything other than the whole solitary-confinement-in-Italy thing.”

Tough duty that, confinement in Italy. Gitmo sounds downright cushy in comparison. Has this nimrod has given any thought to the trouble and expense he’s created, or the people he put at risk (however slim that risk might be)? Okay, the odds are that he hasn’t thought about it at all. But you have to wonder if this exercise in solipsism has impressed his new wife. Note to the blushing (for good reason) bride: He’s all yours, honey. Good luck with that.


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18 responses to “Morons who put other people in danger

  1. nightshift66

    I am very seldom in favor of governmental power vs. the individual, but this guy needs to be quarantined. He clearly doesn’t mind recklessly endangering other people.

  2. Arkades

    The disregard for others evident in his decision-making is truly appalling.

  3. oddjob

    You have at some points in your lives heard the phrase “Typhoid Mary”? There was a food handler back in the early 20th Century named Mary (forget the last name – seems to me she was a Chicagoan, but not certain of that) who was arrested for working while sick with typhoid fever (or something like that).

    Different disease, different pathway via which others were infected, same stupidity.

  4. Oddjob: Yes, Mary Mallon of New York. All I know about her is the nickname and what I vaguely recall from Nova on PBS.

  5. Melissa McEwan

    Note to the blushing (for good reason) bride: He’s all yours, honey. Good luck with that.


  6. Marc

    And just to make things all the more WONDERFUL, it’s not your father’s TB; it’s more like the Supervirus card in “Nuclear War”! It’s drug-resistant and from last report, more lethal!

    Congrats, fucker. You’ve just killed the world!

  7. Jay in Oregon

    […]”I’m a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person”

    Ever notice that being “successful” apparently puts you into a privileged category where no one should be able to question your judgment?

    This seems to be a recurring theme, especially with the right-wing.

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  9. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    What Jay said. Now I must go off to the Ministry. Ciao for nao. 🙂

  10. Bitty

    Ever notice that being “successful” apparently puts you into a privileged category where no one should be able to question your judgment?

    This seems to be a recurring theme, especially with the right-wing.

    This is one of the things that George Lakoff points out in his extensive analysis of progressive and conservative worldviews (Moral Politics; Don’t Think of an Elephant). Those with the conservative mindset (he calls this Strict Father) believe that life is all about competition and those who reach the top of the heap deserve all that life has to offer. The rest of us are so much dog poop, and the poor especially don’t deserve the oxygen they suck up and the space they take up.

    So yes, “successful” is indeed conservative-speak for he who deserves privileges the rest of us don’t. Including the privilege to infect the rest of us.

  11. SAP

    “I’m a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person,”

    No, he’s not. He’s really not.

  12. Bitty

    Sheesh…I forgot to comment on the most important part. He flew to GET MARRIED. To A WOMAN.

    So on the conservative scale, yes, all should be forgiven.

  13. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    RE: Bitty @3:45–This worldview is also called “Social Darwinism”. It’s ironic that many of the same people who condemn Darwinian biology embrace “Social Darwinism”. [BTW, Darwin never endorsed “Social Darwinism”.]

  14. Evelyn

    Well, ok, he was selfish and inconsiderate. But realistically, the chances of a healthy person with a functioning immune system catching tb from a a person on an airplane who isn’t even feeling sick isn’t that great. And once he was in Europe and found out (after the fact) that the form he had was serious (though not more contagious), he was kind of up a creek. I don’t think he’s any Mother Teresa, but compared to, oh say Bush, he’s a pretty moral guy.

  15. Chromosome Crawl

    Perhaps this guy needs to fork over the dough for a round of prophylactic treatment for any of the folks he traveled with. How does this asshat know that he was not traveling next to someone with a compromised immune system – not just AIDS/HIV, but maybe a transplant patient, or a person with an inherited cellular immunity problem (since that would be the first line of ‘natural’ defense against TB).

    What.a.fucktard. If the guy can’t even follow directions on travel restrictions, what makes us think he’ll be ‘successful’ with the treatment regimen he’s gonna be on? Enjoy your directly observed therapy while in quarantine, nitwit. And where did he pick up this bug if he’s so ‘succcessful’? XDR now is mainly in Russia & S. Africa as well as some almost-XDR strains found in jail facilities.

    I think Julie should publish his name.

  16. Greta

    As someone who had to be on antibiotics for nine months because of a positive TB skin test after exposure from somone who travelled internationally while she was sick, this story makes me so freakin angry. Even before he knew about the super TB bug, he knew that he had TB and still got on a plane. What kind of an inconsiderate jackass is this guy? I don’t care if you’re going to pick up a check for a million bucks, you do not knowingly put others at risk of catching a deadly contagious disease.

  17. mackenzie

    so Evelyn – just fuck the people with the compromised immune systems then? is that the argument?
    really – we’re all healthy and well off, like mr. successful and intelligent, so its not a big deal, right?

    i’m sorry – people get quarantined for way less. he’s not even talking about getting fired or anything like that, he just doesn’t like being restricted when countless others are restricted in so many like ways on a daily basis.

  18. car

    My grandfather got TB. He stayed at home for 2 months while we waited to find out exactly which strain he had to see if he was too contagious to be out in public. My mother had to do all of his errands for him, and between the two of them they almost went nuts waiting for so long. But you know what? He did it, because he’s a decent human being and wouldn’t risk putting anyone else in danger. Fuck that guy.

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