Kip Dynamite to Replace Wolfowitz at World Bank

Come down here and see what happens if you try and hit me:

President Bush today plans to name Robert B. Zoellick, a career diplomat and trade negotiator, to head the World Bank, seeking to dispatch the leadership crisis that has gripped the institution under Paul D. Wolfowitz, senior administration officials said last night.

In selecting Zoellick, 53, to serve a five-year term as bank president, the White House opted for a familiar choice, a former member of the Bush Cabinet and a figure widely respected in foreign capitals, the officials said. Zoellick is a former U.S. trade representative and deputy secretary of state who went to work last year as an executive at Goldman Sachs.

Oh—that’s Robert Zoellick? I always get him and Kip confused. Whatevs.

Don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.
Besides, we both know that I’m training to be a cage fighter.



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9 responses to “Kip Dynamite to Replace Wolfowitz at World Bank

  1. Oh, my. How unfortunate. (And fucking hilarious.)

  2. Erin M

    Good catch, Shakes. Teh funniez. 😀

  3. Nik E Poo

    Damn. Thats the closest “twins separated at birth” eva! I want a DNA test!

  4. Lawl. I still have a fond place in my heart for Dynamite.

    (p.s.: this “preview your post” thing-a-ling is TEH BOMB. It is the end of incorrectly formatted HTML!!)

  5. SAP

    You know, we never did hear what happened to Kip after he left with LaFawnduh.

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  7. ChuChu

    Hey Kip! Gabrielle called, she wants her sais back and Xena says you’d damn well better give ’em up!

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