I Have Only One Question for Vice President Cheney

If you haven’t done anything deeply unethical or flatly illegal, why on earth do you need to destroy documents, that you’re (seemingly erroneously) claiming are not property of the American people, which include lists of visitors to your official residence? Seems to me, it shouldn’t make a difference if we know who visited you, if there was nothing nefarious going on.

Oh, and—by the way—since you seem to have forgotten, I’d like to remind you that you work for us. Thanks.



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12 responses to “I Have Only One Question for Vice President Cheney

  1. oddjob

    Darth truly is the heart of the ShrubCo. darkness.

  2. Melissa McEwan

    Agreed 100%.

  3. larkohio

    Darth for Cheney is good, but I think of him as Dr. Doom.

  4. nightshift66

    He is supposed to work for us, at least. But really, kiddies, if we’ve learned anything the last 6.5 years or so, we’ve learned that the theory of representative democracy is nowhere near the reality of the plutocracy of money currently running our Empire.

  5. Kelley

    What does the Secret Service have to say about Cheney interfering with their documentation? Have they had any public response?

    Oh, and I want double Friday cat-blogging this week!!

  6. Cheney isn’t only covering stuff up. Bush’s signing statements, and every move of the OVP, even in violation of federal guidelines for disclosure (such as who works for the OVP) has been about a turf war. They have constantly been asserting they don’t need to disclose anything. They want to destroy the right of anyone to even ask.

  7. Paen

    I wonder if Dead Eye Dick even realises that lots of folks are going to think that he has been getting lots of visits from prostitutes.

  8. Darth Cheney

    *wheeze* You accursed rebels can all go fuck yourselves with the ice planet Hoth! *hiss* 😉

  9. NMRon

    Impeach him! What’s the phrase? ITMFA

  10. Also, Dick? The vice presidential residence isn’t your house anyway. It’s ours. We’re just letting you stay there until your term ends, or until the Congress we elected develops the spine to impeach your corrupt, necrotic ass.

  11. Marc

    Melissa’s argument sounds oddly like the one the fascists use to justify wiretapping and the like: ‘If you have nothing to hide…”

    I know that it isn’t, but why isn’t it?

    Oh, and larkohio: Don’t be hating on Dr. Doom like that; Doom (and Darth Vader) have been portrayed as having complex codes of honor that Dick Cheney has not.

  12. Melissa McEwan

    Melissa’s argument sounds oddly like the one the fascists use to justify wiretapping and the like: ‘If you have nothing to hide…”

    Yeah, except pretty much the total opposite.

    In your example, the government is imposing new law upon the people who are not beholden to the government, but to existing law.

    In this situation, the government is disobeying existing law enacted by the people to whom the government is beholden, not new rules they invent to protect themselves.

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