Mr. and Mrs. Antichrist America

Fred “Westboro Baptist Lunatics” Phelps welcomes the newest member of the Cheney family into the world.

He is seriously, seriously demented. And I say: “Keep it up, you sad old fuck!” I couldn’t be more thrilled that someone this. fucking. hateful. is one of the most visible faces of anti-LGBT, anti-feminist, conservative Christianity in America. Just keep flapping those vile gums, Freddy boy. Out of revulsed rejection to your sickening, diarrheic vitriol, you’ll create more sympathetic allies to the equality cause than I and my steadfast appeals to common sense and fairness ever could.



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14 responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Antichrist America

  1. lea-p

    Good thing Fred is wearing a bib, what with the drool dripping out of the corners of his mouth. Man, he is rabid. Should be on the streets holding signs of doom…oh, right…he is.

    He is right, however, about the Cheney’s being the Anti-xst.

  2. Jay in Oregon

    I have to say that this was the first time I’ve ever been able to sit through one of his hateful rantings, but only because he was putting the screws to Darth Cheney.

    Even then, it amazes me how a person could so casually vomit forth such hatred and bile.

    I can only hope that he gets called to his eternal reward sooner rather than later, as I can’t imagine that his “church” will be able to maintain the momentum that Phelps Sr. has put into his crusade.

  3. nightshift66

    Even though Phelps is a true uber-loon, he serves a useful purpose for the oh-so respectable Right: he gives them cover. “Oh, no, I’M not the right wing nutjob: check out Phelps!” Phelps distorts the political spectrum to the right merely by his existence and the press coverage he generates.

  4. Perhaps it is time for folks to take a page out of the ancient Conservative Handbook when dealing with this alleged “man of god”:

    America. Love it or leave it.

    Who knows. Maybe he can go to Nigeria and start up a 419 scam or two. He already has the negative ethical quotient to do so.

  5. Constant Comment

    “…and his goofy wife, Lynne…”

    Ok, I’ll give him that… 🙂

  6. Sartre

    Damn Shirly Phelps for making me root for Sean Hannity! Both he and Colmes do a decent job smacking down the crazy, hateful rantings of Fred Phelps’ daughter during this interview. Hannity finally puts the nail in her coffin when he corners her and asks her to name her sins and she refuses to answer.

  7. shen

    i once thought that Cheney was the most vile and nasty human on earth.

    …i now stand corrected.

  8. PortlyDyke

    Actually, Fred Phelps gave my Kansas-dwelling mom a conversion experience . . . .

    he turned her into a gay rights activist.

    Prior to his spews, she was just homo-tolerant (and barely that). She is now downright indignant and radical! (She spoke in favor of gay rights in her Lutheran church, and wouldn’t set foot in Colorado in the 90s until they repealed their anti-gay propositions.)

  9. PortlyDyke

    Actually, Fred Phelps gave my Kansas-dwelling mother a conversion experience —

    He turned her into a gay activist.

    Prior to his spews, she was homo-tolerant (and barely that) — after she was exposed to his crap via local area news, she became downright indignant and radical (she spoke at her Lutheran church in favor of gay unions, and refused to set foot in the state of Colorado until they repealed their anti-gay propositions — even sent a letter to the CO secretary of state).

    So Fred — keep up the good work!

  10. Did I ever, no I NEVER, thought I would feel sorry for Dick Cheney!!!

    Phred Phucking Phelps is vile enough to warrant becoming a verb:

    “I came home so drunk, I Phelped all over the kitchen floor.”

    (holding nose)…”Jeezhus, who Phelped??

    Phelp You!!!

  11. Rottweiler

    All I could think of was what Mel “Springtime for Hitler” Brooks could do with Fred’s material.

  12. DC

    Wow. I had heard of this guy, but never actually heard or seen him. Way out there. As others have noted above, the weird thing about this is that his conclusion, that Cheney is a bad man, is more or less correct. I guess we all come to the truth via different paths.

    This does underline the fact, though, that whatever the Bush/Cheney cabal may be, it is not really a conservative thing. It is neither socially nor economically conservative, really, in any way that I can understand those things. The administration stands for little more than unapologetic corporatist croneyism. Of course loads of conservatives of all stripes hate them, and have for a long time. The administration cares about nobody but themselves, with nothing but contempt for the traditional conservative bases, even as they pander to them. But many conservatives see through this, and many feel betrayed. I think some of the venom towards Cheney here comes this feeling of betrayal. This is the most colorful attack on the man I think I have ever seen, although it seems like it might not be the case here that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  13. PortlyDyke

    Thanks, CunningR — I’ll be adopting that verb post-haste!

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