Gunga Ho

I am a poodle. Bow wow.

In the not too distant future Tony Blair will march on. March on, Tony. March on, Tony, on into the not too distant past of Gunga Din, a more honorable time of sound and fury, when a white man’s burden was more gracefully carried and the natives knew better who were their benefactors. There must be an order to the world and who would know better than you what is truly best? Receive now your final orders from a world still filled with woe. March on, Tony. March on.

Gunga Ho! March on, Tony, and blissfully forget such questions as why should anyone feel angry about us? Richly, Tony, you deserve your rest.



Filed under 04_the_heretik

2 responses to “Gunga Ho

  1. Melissa McEwan

    LOL @ “Gunga Ho.” Very punny. 😉

  2. D’oh! Yup, you and Greenwald are right, but poor Gunga Din!

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