Back to square -43 on climate change….

One of the Right’s much touted meme’s, George Bush’s alleged loyalty to those loyal to him, has never extended to British PM Tony Blair. And this is no more apparent than when it comes to climate change.

The US has rejected any prospect of a deal on climate change at the G8 summit in Germany next month, according to a leaked document.

Despite Tony Blair’s declaration on Thursday that Washington would sign up to “at least the beginnings” of action to cut carbon emissions, a note attached to a draft document circulated by Germany says the US is “fundamentally opposed” to the proposals.

The note, written in red ink, says the deal “runs counter to our overall position and crosses multiple ‘red lines’ in terms of what we simply cannot agree to”.

“This document is called FINAL but we never agreed to any of the climate language present in the document … We have tried to ‘tread lightly’ but there is only so far we can go given our fundamental opposition to the German position,” it says.
The tone is blunt, with whole pages of the draft crossed out and even the mildest statements about confirming previous agreements rejected. “The proposals within the sections titled ‘Fighting Climate Change’ and ‘Carbon Markets’ are fundamentally incompatible with the President’s approach to climate change,” says another red-ink comment.
This is embarrassing for Mr Blair, who said on Thursday with some confidence that the US was moderating its position on climate change as the summit approached. Before visiting the White House this month, the prime minister suggested that he was close to persuading George Bush to accept the establishment of carbon trading schemes, one of five main proposals drawn up ahead of the G8. But Washington rejected the sections on carbon trading, saying to back trading schemes would imply acceptance of emission caps.

So, Bush and his anti-intellectual, Rightwing, religiously fanatical and superstitious minority may determine the world’s course when it comes to the most critical issue facing our time. In addition to the enormous repercussions for our children and grandchildren, America’s standing and positive influence in the world community plummets once again. Germany’s environment minister, Sigmar Gabriel’s said,

“America doesn’t want to commit to firm goals. We can’t put the global future of our children at risk because of the narrow-mindedness of individual negotiating partners.”

Guardian article here.



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3 responses to “Back to square -43 on climate change….

  1. He’s showing Blair the kind of loyalty he showed his own father.

    And his country.

  2. All this crap, (from Blair) was nothing but. He wants to go out with a little bit of glory and hasn’t yet got the brains to understand that the whole world is supposed to be 100% loyal to Bush while he has no obligation of loyalty to anyone. This is the classic tyrant in action and making promises to has beens like Tony and then keeping them just are not a part of the game. It’s “What can you do for me today Tony?” and “Not what you did yesterday” that calls the turn at Bushie’s table.

    Of course, I have no sympathy whatsoever for Tony. You kiss the arse of the devil and you’re bound to get shit on as your reward. And Bush has serious obligations to his corporate clients and none at all to ex-PM’s.

  3. oddjob

    At present the only way the Germans/Europeans are going to get anything along the lines of what they want is to dminish the economic clout of the USA. Hopefully the next administration will change that.

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