Updated Irish election results….

Well, it seems there’s nothing like a general election to remind one of just how out of sync he is from his fellow citizens, no matter what country.

I’m bitterly disappointed by the early results way it’s shaping up. A Fianna Fail landslide seems in the making. Despite the sordid financial scandals, high-profile public project failures, widespread incompetence, and arrogant stupidity, their candidates are being swept into office in such numbers that they may be able to form a government by themselves. No coalition may needed with any other party.


One of my favorite TD’s, Socialist Joe Higgins, has lost his seat in Dublin West. That breaks my heart. Higgins has been a real fighter for exploited immigrant workers, Shell to Sea, and a ban against US troop and CIA flights through Shannon Airport.

In my district, Sinn Fein has surely lost its seat. Fianna Fail has won two of four, and Labour looks pretty certain to win the third, which would make me happier if Labour wasn’t so damned cautious, centrist and out-of-touch. They wouldn’t even come out for same-sex marriage before the election!

In the most important contest, there’s a white-knuckle fight for the fourth seat in my district between my first choice candidate, Green Party John Gormley, and Progressive Democrat, Michael McDowell—of Rove/Cheney similitude.

If McDowell wins, I will be appalled and saddened beyond words. The guy is the most Right-Wing politician in the Republic of Ireland. If you believe in prayer, Shakers, pray for a Gormley victory.

The one good news of the day so far, is that McDowell’s PD Party seems to be going down to such low numbers that it may be disbanded.

You can stream radio live here or here. It’s quite interesting, especially when they announce results from specific districts.



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2 responses to “Updated Irish election results….

  1. So, if I’m reading this correctly, in Ireland a party called the Progressive Democrats are super-right-wing?

    I had no idea that Ireland was Oppositeland!

  2. Hey, Chet, Ha! It’s not quite that simple. They’re progressive on social issues, but very conservative on immigrant, law-and-order and fiscal issues. McDowell himself is a polarizing character. Intellectually, he’s truly brilliant, but devious and not above underhanded tactics to bring down an enemy. Check out his wikipedia entry for an idea.

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