You’re a Great President

…for me to poop on!

Thanks, Petulant. More at Think Progress.



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8 responses to “You’re a Great President

  1. Birds know a good target when they see one.

  2. Okay, my choice of titles would have been “You’ve Got to Be Shitting Me.”

    I admire your restraint.

  3. I admire your restraint.

    I never thought I’d see the day when channeling Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was called restraint.

    See what the Bush administration has done to this country?!

  4. I tried to get better footage from the CSPAN repeat airing now, but they kept the camera on the reporter. CENSORSHIP!

    We are BIRD POOP deprived citizens! Write your legislators and demand BIRD POOP FOOTAGE available to all!

  5. The Presser just ended on CSPAN and I didn’t catch this- Bush exclaimed at the end “Thank you for your interest!”


    It’s the fucking White House Press Corps- they HAVE TO BE THERE! They aren’t just hanging out in the Rose Garden because Bushie wants to play croquet!


  6. mamajane

    “Hello, Mr Bush? This is Karma calling. This is just a small taste of what’s coming your way…”

  7. anangryoldbroad

    Mweeheehee. Too bad it wasn’t a big ass crow or an eagle. Down here in GA,we have crows/ravens/blackbirds so big their poop dents your car(I’m kidding,but they do scare the daylights out of my 12 lb tomcat who fears hardly anything else).

  8. Anonymous


    Peter Cook.

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