“The AG, my friend, is twisting in the wind…”

…and he deserves every moment of it. Think Progress has an excellent article that follows up some points Olbermann was making last night about Gonzo’s perjury, obstruction of justice, and the upcoming ‘no-confidence’ vote.

Perjury, in criminal law, is knowingly lying under oath. It can be in court, before Congress, or in writing (lying on an affidavit, for instance). It is a very difficult criminal charge on which to get a conviction. However, in Gonzo’s case, the evidence is there.

The notorious “I don’t recall” answers are probably sufficient to let him slide on those; it is painfully tough to prove what someone knew and when they knew it. THAT SAID, if he has letters or emails floating around that show he damned well did know, it could stick. His statement that he didn’t meet with any other principles being investigated is much more likely to hang him. That is a positive assertion that is known to be false, and is material (not a minor detail).

As an aside, y’all should understand that perjury is the bane of the entire legal profession. Whether in civil or criminal court, our system is built on the assumption that most people will do their best to tell the truth, and our courts are increasingly being corrupted by liars both professional (a/k/a experts) and lay (parties). Perjury is a betrayal of our justice system, and the fact that the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER of the nation and an Officer of the Court has done it warrants not only impeachment (a mere political punishment), but criminal charges.

The obstruction of justice charges are actually easier to prove than perjury. Statutes that define the term are usually quite nebulous, saying things like “actions intended to, or resulting in, a hinderance to the orderly processes of law.” It’s almost circular, really: You obstructed justice because justice was obstructed. In this case, AG talking to Monica prior to her testimony is a specific form of obstruction: it is witness tampering. Any 2nd year law student knows you do NOT co-ordinate testimony with a witness. Hell, any citizen ought to know it.

And in the face of all this, the best the Congress can do is a vote of no confidence? In another month or so?? Groan. I knew when I voted a straight “D” ticket last November that the Stupid Party had spines made of Jell-O, but I thought they’d at least care enough about their own interests to make some stands against the onslaught. So much for that hope.



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3 responses to ““The AG, my friend, is twisting in the wind…”

  1. burnt toast

    thank you Nightshift

  2. our system is built on the assumption that most people will do their best to tell the truth

    Which is a pretty decent assumption, actually. Most people really aren’t liars.

    But the Bush administration is a whole other kettle of rotten, stinking fish.

  3. How many times must a man say “don’t know”
    Before he’s no longer a man?
    And how many times must the Congress bow down
    Before they kick him in the can?

    How many times can Gonzales make lies
    And spin to protect his rear end?
    And how many times can BushCo shit upon
    The country they claim to defend?

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