Mandolin at Alas, a Blog: Q: Since When Is Being Criticized Like Having Your Limbs Blown Off by a Landmine? A: Since That Criticism Came from Someone with Less Privilege Than You

Max Blumenthal: Diary of a Christian Terrorist

Shayera: I don’t see the same honor coming Bush’s way, do you?

Steve Benen: If the presidential race were a beauty contest…

Feel free to use as a blogwhoring thread, as always…


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One response to “Read-Ems

  1. I’ve turned into such a blogwhore since I put a sitemeter on my site. Some days I’m ashamed, but somehow I manage. Today, all four of us got into the act. Bradley wrote about the connection between support for Bush and the Austin guy who microwaved his baby. Amy posted the latest fight on The View. Emily wrote about early modern guides to life, and I wrote about Greenpeace’s Ark building along with Pope Benedict’s non-apology apology.

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