Question of the Day

You have to pick a presidential ticket from (living and over 35 and American-born, as required by the Constitution—sorry, Ahnold) actors/filmmakers. Whom do you choose?

Turner/Latifah ’08

That’s Kathleen Turner, btw. I’m sure the Queen, otherwise known as Ms. Owens, needs no introduction.



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32 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. Carlin/Kucinich 08

  2. DAMN… Can’t we bend the laws like Bushie? I want a Dame Mirren/ Dame Dench Ticket!


    I am seriously blank. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie? Herpes and Heroin for all!

  3. Martin Sheen/Jimmy Smits

  4. GOT IT!

    Margaret Cho and Liam Sullivan aka “Kelly Likes Shoes”

  5. metalsguy

    Kevin Smith/Janeane Garofalo

    Or perhaps we could go for a couple that works well together, like
    Ben Affleck/Matt Damon

    Or make something more interestingly controversial like
    Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins (a married, but not married couple, just to goad the GOPers a little)

  6. Carlin/Zombie Bill Hicks

  7. jeff

    Anything would beat the deadly incompetent combination of

    Joe Isuzu/Dr. Evil

    that we have now…

    Howzabout Olbermann/Stewart?

  8. Damn, because Mira Nair entered the US at about the same age as Arnold did.

    I’ll go for a husband/wife team: William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. In whatever order.

  9. Greg


  10. Garofalo & Cho. OR

    Stewart & Colbert. OR

    The Gillmore Girls, as a ticket.

  11. mamajane

    Toughie, I’m still hoping for an Opus/Bill T. Cat ticket…

    I like Sarandon and Robbins too.

    Ok, how about Alan Alda (we all know he’s a lib IRL, right?) and Lewis Black?

  12. James Woods / Steve Buscemi

    Campaign slogan: You want scary? We got scary.

  13. tatiana


    How about David Carradine/Stephen Colbert?

    Top that, bitchez!

  14. mamajane

    But James Woods is a scary neocon! How about Bruce Dern instead? Scary, weird, and a liberal, all in one happy package.

  15. Julia Sweeney and Chris Rock.

  16. mamajane, I’m still hoping for the Zappa/Leary ascended masters ticket!

    But in answer to today’s question: Harrison Ford / Morgan Freeman. They both have experience playing the Prez!

  17. metalsguy

    I’d say Julia Sweeney too, but seems just too… nice.

    How about Al Franken and Chris Rock?

  18. KyCole

    I want Dave Chapelle and Susan Sarandon in whatever order. Never again would a news conference be boring, and we need a decent woman president (or at least vice-president) dammit.

  19. Arkades

    Cho & Stewart. Or vice versa.

    Alternatively, Joss Whedon & Kevin Smith. Or vice versa.

  20. mustang sally

    Clooney/Mortenson or Mortenson/Clooney

    I don’t really need to add an explanation, do i.

  21. PortlyDyke

    Because I’m a staunch bi-partisan all the way


  22. Does Gore count as a filmmaker? If so, pair him with Lewis Black.

  23. I’d say Julia Sweeney too, but seems just too… nice.

    The great thing about Sweeney is that you’d never have to worry about the separation of church and state.

  24. SAP

    I’ll go with a Whedon/Clooney ticket.

  25. monoglot

    I like the idea of Penn and Teller: high time we had a VP who kept his mouth shut.

  26. Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta

    (complete with the Jheri curls)

    Jules knows when to fight and when not to fight.

  27. I like the idea of Penn and Teller: high time we had a VP who kept his mouth shut.

    That one is so good it upsets me a little.


  28. Jewel

    I second Sarandon/Clooney.

    Or Stewart/Colbert.

  29. How about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward?

  30. MAJeff


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