John Boehner speaks from George Bush’s pocket

One thing you can say about Republicans, as opposed to Democrats who weakly bend to the President’s will, they continue to do it willingly, regardless of their, or their constituents’ beliefs.

Take House Minority Leader John Boehner on the immigration bill, for example:

‘Boehner: Immigration Bill Is “Piece Of Shit”‘

House Minority Leader John Boehner, speaking to a private gathering of Republican activists last night, called the Senate’s immigration compromise bill a “piece of shit” but said that he had promised President Bush earlier in the day that he would let his teeth be a barrier to such thoughts in public.

Boehner spoke last night at a small reception for the Republican Rapid Responders on Capitol Hill.

“I promised the President today that I wouldn’t say anything bad about … this piece of shit bill,” he said, according to two attendees.

That, by the way, is actually a Republican taking a stand. Murmuring discontent privately before putting a happy face on in front of the public to hawk whatever the Glorious Leader demands. And just another sign that U.S. politicians are now blatantly willing to admit that they’re spineless.




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3 responses to “John Boehner speaks from George Bush’s pocket

  1. John Boehner speaks from George Bush’s pocket

    I don’t like to think about Bush having a Boehner in his pocket.

    (Yes, I know it’s pronounced Bayner. Shut up.)

  2. I think the Bayner pronounciation is totally bogus.

    What a wanker – every time I see it in print, and know how he wants it, it only underlines how bogus it is. It reminds me that his whole party is a facade over a bunch of bogus wankers.

  3. mac

    LOL, Melissa. Damn it,you beat me to it! That’s what I get for not goofing off at work today.

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