Edwards: Support the Troops. End the War.

Support the Troops. End the War.

“George Bush has tried to use patriotism as an excuse for everything he’s done, including what’s happening in Iraq. We need to reclaim patriotism for America. … This Memorial Day weekend, don’t stand quietly, don’t just go to picnics, don’t just gather with your friends. Engage in an act of patriotism. Show how much you love this country, and speak out in support of our troops, and bring and end to this war.”


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One response to “Edwards: Support the Troops. End the War.

  1. I sure hope those cravenly Dems who voted for this blank check catch so much Hell when they’re home for the break, and it’s up to everyone to take advantage of whatever media is available and yell, scream, rant, gripe, groan and complain as loudly and publicly as possible

    This is not the time for political triangulation from the DLC, it’s time for what Edwards is all about here

    And if the Dems want to get the libs back, there’s at least one aggressive challenge to the Administration it can do right about now-from a much longer piece I posted at the blog, at Pam’s and other sites

    But there’s one strategy that could, if properly played by the Dem leadership, not only galvanize all us irate libs and anti-war voters, but instantly turn the tables leading to howls of fury and unsalved anger from those gloating the loudest right about now

    Since the 2008 budgets will start coming up for Congressional votes in September, the Dems should say “enough” to funding all right

    That is, funding the Executive Branch

    I’m not talking about zeroing-out budgets for the agencies, departments and bureaus under Executive Branch control, just funding for the Executive Branch itself, it’s functions and personnel who work exclusively at the White House

    Pass the various budgets, then let the Administration shift funds around, like it already does, to keep itself operating

    And if the argument arises that such a punitive, spiteful act is illegal, or somehow beyond Congress’ purview, then let Congress pay as much heed to the laws and separation of powers that W does, and then go the extra step

    Let Congress issue a signing statement of its own, namely, that they apportion to themselves the right to cancel out Presidential signing statements, preemptively blocking W’s ability to undercut the very bills he signs into law

    Forcing the issue is exactly what the Administration, GOP and their rapidly dwindling number of true believers will never expect in the midst of their gloating, it would be a way to hit back as hard at a clearly out of control President as he enjoys lashing out at everyone else, and it would instantly regain the Dem leadership a measure of now non-existent trust from its very angry base

    With or without the Dems help, the GOP collapse is already under way, as the party knows that it can’t count on help from an embattled, bunkered-down Administration, yet still hasn’t found enough strength to toss the President and Cheney over the political rail, in spite of the smacking the voters gave the GOP and Administration’s Iraq policy in the November 2006 elections

    The GOP needs to be pushed off the political ledge, and the Dems can’t do that by giving W everything he wants every time he throws a hissy fit and stamps his little feetsies in whiny petulance

    So, like so many parents when they threaten to “give you something to cry about”, let the Dems give W something to throw a temper tantrum over, just like taking a favored belonging away from a spoiled brat

    Zero Out the Executive Branch Funding At The First Available Opportunity

    The Dems have got to start getting as aggressive and in W’s face as he does with them, that’s the only language bullies like W ever understand, that bullying has its consequences for the victimizer

    Yeah, it’s not much, and it probably wouldn’t pass, but zeroing out the Executive Branch’s Funding would be a very clear signal to W that all his braggadocio and tough-guy rhetoric just doesn’t get the job done anymore

    Again, good for Edwards for jumping on what will clearly be the default position come January 2008, when far too many US Troops have spent yet another Christmas far from home and family

    In fact, I’d venture that pushing that reality know, of all the holidays those troops are going to miss with their friends and families, is a message that should start getting pushed as hard as possible, preferably during the Memorial Day break with those Dems who voted for this bill today

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