Wednesday Blogwhoring

[Bringing this back to the top for a bit, since I didn’t manage to get Recommended Reading done earlier.]

How much blog would a blogwhore whore if a blogwhore did whore blog?

Recommended Reading…

Mad Kane: If This Is True, My Head May Explode (with info on What To Do if you’re mad about continued war funding)

Coturnix hosts Carnival of the Liberals #39

Rainbow Girl hosts Carnival of the Feminists #38

The Angry Black Woman hosts the Erase Racism Carnival #12

Taylor Marsh: A Conversation with Al Gore

Jeff Fecke: Huge Percentage of Americans Support Killing Civilians

Echidne: No More Menstruation?

Ezra: Cowed Experts

Lizard Queen: In which I come out as the softiest of softies

Rock Ninja: It’s a Present, But Not Really.

Happy Birthday to Brady!

And congratulations Mary Cheney and Heather Poe.



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19 responses to “Wednesday Blogwhoring

  1. Tom Coburn is blocking bills that would honor Rachel Carson.

  2. I would whore more than I can right now. I’ve had a couple of friends join me over at my place, but today’s story is about a stupid controversy over a dumb billboard in Miami. Parents getting exercised over a Hugh Jass joke. The stupid really burns some days.

  3. Well, not that it’s a secret that Newt Gingrich is a hypocritical scumbag, but I was very amused by his blather about the “tremendous vacuum of leadership” in America along with his claim that the announced presidential candidates are “demeaning the presidency.” But, then, what does a “radical secularist” blogger know?

  4. Tart

    All I gots are pictures of me and Chemist and our cuuuute cousins. Here.

    I heart babies.

  5. The Smithsonian toned down a climate change exhibit so they wouldn’t upset the WH or Congress.

    And I talk a little about giving birth certificates to stillborn babies.

  6. I took my comments on the Womb Envy post here and sort of turned them into a whole damn post. (I elaborated.)

  7. If I could, I’d blogwhore myself like a good blogwhore should (at the corner of Skank Street and Slut Avenue in the seedy part of Shakesville) Then I’d discuss my recent trip to DC to lobby Congress.

  8. I found an album by a Japanese Village People cover band on iTunes.

    The cover art is hilarious.

    Check it out.

  9. The governor of Kansas (of all places) is protecting patient privacy when women seek late-term abortions.

    And Bush does the opposite of what everyone else in the world is telling him to do.

  10. Since I accidently posted this under the Goodling open thread I thought I’d whore it up but good and post it here too

    I rant about the look up thing that guys do

  11. Check out my piece on finally having my marriage to Joan recognized by the state of NY over at the Huffington Post Blogs:

    My Big Fat Gay Wedding (is Finally Recognized in New York):

  12. We’ve been classified for 300 years today!

  13. Thanks so much for the mention, Shakes!

  14. A critique of Yahoo! relationship advice.

  15. Basically, ranting about the Dem collapse as an excuse to post the TOOL video “Aenema” Still Seething

    And then, on the same Dem collapse, giving an opinion on what’s coming next, and a possible way the Dem leadership can somewhat make up for their rolling over for W, The Next Step, Possible Counterstep, And BIG Cudgel The Dems Can Still Play

  16. I’m writing about the planned diversion of donated breastmilk from the Oprah-advertised African-babies charity to for-profit patenting research and lucrative sales within America.

    Women’s bodies are being mined for profit while women are being lied to. A new twist on an old story.

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