U.S. “senior officials” beating drum for war on Iran

Now that the U.S. Congress has essentially shrugged its shoulders and accepted its powerlessness over any military commands made by their glorious leader, said glorious leader is now moving on to other activities, like resurging the surge and getting a war on Iran tacked on to it all.

Because President Bush has unleashed his most power source: The unnamed senior U.S. official. Remember those heady days when big-time mainstream newspapers would write huge horror stories on Iraq while quoting unnamed senior officials? Well, now the Guardian is doing its part to get the war on Iran kickstarted.

“Iran’s secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq”

Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaida elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal, US officials say.

“Iran is fighting a proxy war in Iraq and it’s a very dangerous course for them to be following. They are already committing daily acts of war against US and British forces,” a senior US official in Baghdad warned. “They [Iran] are behind a lot of high-profile attacks meant to undermine US will and British will, such as the rocket attacks on Basra palace and the Green Zone [in Baghdad]. The attacks are directed by the Revolutionary Guard who are connected right to the top [of the Iranian government].”

[Note to self: When done being frustrated, insert snark here.]

Seriously, however, you can literally hear the drumbeating. There’s nothing at all new to this PNAC-led administration’s plan aside from the acronym.

Never. Ending. War.

Iranian officials flatly deny US and British allegations of involvement in internal violence in Iraq or in attacks on coalition forces. Interviewed in Tehran recently, Mohammad Reza Bagheri, deputy foreign minister for Arab affairs with primary responsibility for Iran’s policy in Iraq, said: “We believe it would be to the benefit of both the occupiers and the Iraqi people that they [the coalition forces] withdraw immediately.”

I just bring this paragraph up because it’s the last one of the story. And the first one to quote a named person.

It’s May 2007. This administration has a lot of time left to go out with a flourish and drag the entire Middle East, if not the world, into war.




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10 responses to “U.S. “senior officials” beating drum for war on Iran

  1. Well, when you’ve an administration led by the insane, this is what happens.

  2. War with Iran would be a complete disaster. They would have to be insane even to try it.

  3. Grandjester

    Fucking prove it.

    Don’t show me some copper disks in a field or a couple of 155mm shells you found.

    Show me the spent munitions, show me the ballistic tests, show me the guy that fired it, show me the guys the sold it/gave it to him, show me the money, show me the entire trace from point of origin to the moment it fired, show me what person/persons/governmental organization approved the attack and how that order/approval came from the highest level of the Iranian govt. Show me how a handful of weapons from neighboring countries even comes close to the record level of weapons sold by our Defense Dept. this year (seriously, more weapons than have ever been sold anywhere). Map me out the supposed Syrian connection. Explain to me why Iran would arm Sunnis (destabilization my fat white ass) when those weapons could be turned against them in a year or two. Show me the hard evidence that Iran is violating the NPT. Show how we are going to engage in another hot war when we are pants down, bent over a log in Iraq.

    An overwhelming burden of proof now lays upon the warheads, ante up mutherfuckers.

  4. Arkades

    Anonymous US officials, huh? And we should accept this claim-without-evidence at face value because…?

    If recent events have taught us anything (and sometimes I despairingly ask if anything has been learned), it should be that we can never afford to just ‘take their word for it’, ever again. Make the case. Prove it.

    Not that I believed there was ever justification to invade Iraq to begin with, having been antiwar from the start. But a lot of the American public assumed that there had to be good reasons for us to go into Iraq, and they’ve since been rudely awakened and disillusioned.

    Here’s hoping they remember all of that vis-a-vis the current saber-rattling directed toward Iran.

  5. …meant to undermine US will

    WTF does US WILL have to do with it in any real world scenario????? I thought we were there to spread DEMOCRACY!snark!

    beats fists on keyboard..

    effing b*stards!

  6. Grandjester

    “The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the subject, say President Bush has signed a “nonlethal presidential finding” that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran’s currency and international financial transactions.”

    Complete article here: http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2007/05/bush_authorizes.html

    Propaganda and disinformation, that’s all this is.

  7. Doktor Wankenstein

    Grandjester for US Senate.

    And 99 more just like him.

  8. This is really frightening.

  9. Jay

    At this point, I think the saber-rattling against Iran is just a way to keep the Republicans’ idiot base riled up. Bush couldn’t even find a single 4-star general to take the job of war czar. The secretary of Defense and the Centcom commander, a Naval Aviator, are both opposed to war with Iran, as is the Joint Chiefs.

    If Bush orders an attack on Iran without the approval of the U.N. Security Council or Congress, I think the Pentagon might refuse the order. The American military establishment knows that a war with Iran will mean the end of the American Empire, and they won’t let the idiot boy-king ruin a system which has brought them power and status.

  10. burnt toast

    …and on the northern front, the US is a stone’s throw away from conflict with Turkey:

    Kurd Rebel Group Denies Carrying Out Ankara Attack


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