Question of the Day

Naturally, what were some of your favorite films (or who some of your film heroes) when you were a kid?



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66 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. pidomon

    Holy Grail Blazing Saddles Life of Brian
    Really liked the new Bond flick as well

  2. The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, Goldfinger, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

    I know; an odd mix.

  3. peter o’toole in lawrence
    olivier in henry v
    john wayne in any film by john ford
    hepburn in how green was my valley
    audrey hepburn as holly golightly

    michael ansara as cochise in broken arrow (even though he looked nothing like an apache)

    my childhood is also where i became a huge marx brothers and buster keaton fan

    moms mabely who used to babysit me between my sets would find buster keaton or marx brothers film festivals and we would spend whole days laughing our asses off.

  4. Biggest. Star Wars geek. Ever. (Well, that I knew when I was growing up, anyway, before I knew about BiMonSciFiCon-types, lol.) Watched the whole (original) trilogy nearly once a week for quite a while there. I totally wanted to be Leia (except when I wanted to be Luke).

  5. Rin

    The Last Unicorn hands down.

  6. Really liked the new Bond flick as well

    ‘Twas amazing.

    I was a big fan of the first Ninja Turtles movie when it came out, but that’s because I was like 8.

    No real heroes I idolized, though, except Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, and of course Indy…

    Favorite movies growing up: Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Third Man, The Godfather I & II, and Dr. Strangelove.

    Yes, I was a very odd chiquito.

  7. I sort of liked Star Wars, but really didn’t get into it until I was older, for some reason.

    I kind of thought Vader was hokey…(ducks for cover)

  8. Angelos

    If course I watched the Star Wars stuff, but we didn’t have a VCR until I was into my teens, so I never watched any one movie often. My most-watched movie in the VCR era was Trading Places in high school and Fish Called Wanda in/post college.

    I never owned a movie on VCR that wasn’t taped off HBO or something. I did buy one 4 or 5 years ago though, because it wasn’t out on DVD. Shirley Valentine.

    Anyway, I haven’t really answered the question, so I’ll say The Odd Couple. I bought that as soon as it came out on DVD.

  9. When she said Kid I think 12 and under.

    STAR WARS! I remember seeing Star Wars at a Drive-In. I had the sheets, comforters, toys, cards, comic books, everything I could get my dirty paws on.

    MAY 25th is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. WOO HOO!

    The Hobbit cartoon with John Huston as the voice of Gandalf

    I also had a weird affinity for Gone With The Wind. Future Southern Fag Syndrome.

  10. “How do you do? / I see you’ve
    met my / faithful hannnndyman…”

  11. The Hobbit cartoon with John Huston as the voice of Gandalf

    Ooo, that one was actually good, especially the riddle scene. Then, they tried to make Lord of the Rings and turned their reputations to shit.

  12. Betsy

    Younger than 12: My Cousin Vinny.

  13. nj progressive

    I need to second an earlier comment on some of these:

    Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia [oh those blue eyes]
    everyone in The Great Escape
    both the delicious Albert Finney and the lucious Susannah York in Tom Jones
    Kate Hepburn in Pat & Mike “5-0, 5-0”

    And I loved the Beatles in Help!, but now prefer A Hard Day’s Night.

    And neither Hepburn (Audrey or Katherine) appeared in How Green Was My Valley. The beautiful daughter was played by Maureen O’Hara.

  14. GWTW, 2001, and Fantasia.

  15. Anonymous

    The Hydra has reconnected.

    Doris Day and Raquel Welch.

  16. Favorite films:

    The Sound of Music (I’m a Nazi, I’ll admit it now)


    That Touch of Mink

    Fathom (I’m still waiting on that one to surface on cable)

  17. mamajane

    Early childhood: loved those local independent channel Saturday and Sunday matinees, Abbott and Costello, cheesy old horror/sci-fi movies on the Creature Feature program (with Dr Paul Bearer, anyone remember him?) and most of all, anything featuring the late great Don Knotts. My fave was “The Ghost and Mr Chicken”, must have seen it a hundred times. Also loved the old MGM musicals, had a girl crush on Jeannie Craine.

    Teen years: Valley Girl, Pretty in Pink, Say Anything (that one may have been college years, they’re kind of a blur…), The whole Indiana Jones series (natch), any and all horror flicks, especially the ones where the popular kids got their due, like Carrie, Prom Night, etc. Nope, no high school issues here…

  18. Well James Bond, duh. And totally it was Diamonds Are Forever (story here).

    And I totally wanted to be Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not. It was the epitome of cool. It was everything I wasn’t and longed for. It is absolutely the reason I started smoking, and it is also the reason I became a film buff.

  19. txcrad just named off all his aunts and uncles with (umbilical) Biblical names.

    And I said, “what is up with this shit?”

    We need to replace the Bible with Music.

    I will be proud to lead the way.

    “Come around.”

  20. YES! I want YOU to do the photo with crazy props. I’ll carry ’em in for Christ’s sake.

  21. Diamond are Forever

    Deborah, please.

    That sounds an awful lot like “nigga, please.”

    And it carries the same intent.

  22. Nobody would forget it.
    And that is the beauty of it.

  23. And people ask me why I work for an advertising agency.


    I owe most of it to Fiona.

  24. Anonymous

    I have to read my own creation.

    What kind of MALE statement is that, anyway?

  25. Angelos

    blogga, please!

  26. joni mitchell is a god.
    I would punch something in the spine to prove it.

  27. Kona, Fathom is on the Fox Movie Channel May 30th and 4pm. They have been playing it several times this month.

    It is also available in the Raquel Welch DVD Box Set.

  28. what is it that I’m supposed to say now?

    I stand naked before you, in judgement.

  29. Hmmm, as a kid? Destroy All Monsters, Attack of the Giant Leaches and Ben Hur. A little older, Eraser Head, Polyester and Swept Away (On The Azure Seas of August).

  30. I really loved the special event movies – the ones they would run once a year, before there were VCRs, let alone DVDs. The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music. After the WoO was on, I would pretend to be Dorothy Gale for the next month or so. I swear to the heavens that I had my first romantic fantasy about Scarecrow.

    In my teen years, I loved Heathers, which I’m sad to say does not hold up well.

    In my late teen years, I was all about the Coen Brothers. I must have seen Raising Arizona 150 times.

    And I have a lifelong love for all movie musicals. I even have U Got Served on my Netflix queue because I will watch any movie that has dancing in it.

  31. You took a wild orchid and turned it blue

    How old are you now, anyway?

  32. The Incredible Mister Limpet (Don Knotts), The Court Jester [“the chalice with the palace…” funny!] (Danny Kaye), and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Bing Crosby).

  33. choey

    Guess I’m dating myself but as a kid, my favorite movie was Born Free. In fact we named our dog Elsa, after Elsa the lioness.

    When I was a teen, I loved George Peppard in Cross of Iron and American Graffiti.

    All time favorite movie these days, Defending Your Life.

  34. Whatever you do don’t open another beer.

    And don’t disturb that cake.

    What kinda cartwheels do I haveta pull?

    I’m inclined to go finish high school.

  35. pilotweed

    What a fun question! I am all over the map on this. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Ben Hur, The Sound of Music, and of course Star Wars.

  36. We need to replace the Bible with Music.

    Duuuuude. Come together.

    Right now.

    Over me.

  37. Shit, I do know how to segue from negro to negro.

    But I NEVER expected that level of praise.

    You look ed like 10,00o people standing on the burial ground

  38. It’s just ball fingerin’ music
    for those of you who have ’em

  39. Duuuuude. Come together.
    Right now.
    Over me.

    They had bukkake movies when you were a kid, Jack?

  40. Bukkake and the Bible. Together again, at last, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end. Amen.

  41. Grandjester

    “The Incredible Mister Limpet (Don Knotts), The Court Jester [“the chalice with the palace…” funny!] (Danny Kaye), and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Bing Crosby).”

    Wondeful trifecta there phydeaux!

    I would go with Robin Hood (Flynn!), The Black Swan (Power) and The Flame and The Arrow (Lancaster). Honorable mention to Capt. Blood (Flynn again!).

    Clarification JackGoff: Hobbit and Return of the King were the great Rankin/Bass animated films with great cast (Huston!) and songs (Glenn Yarbrough). While Ralph Bakshi did the Lord of the Rings (1st book and some of the second) that didn’t really work.

  42. mikefromtexas

    I was really into all the B-grade horror flicks, especially the ones Vincent Price made. The Oblong Box was a favorite.

  43. FunnyMcRapejoke

    My favorite movie was The Accused starring Jodie Foster.

  44. Kym

    The Adventures of Milo and Otis!

  45. puellasolis

    Sound of Music, Neverending Story, Fantasia, and pretty much anything in which the main characters were animals (Milo & Otis, Lady & the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians etc.).

  46. Sartre

    I loved Stand By Me. “Lollipop, lollipop, oh lottie, lottie, lottie…” Even today if I catch it on TBS or somesuch on a Saturday or Sunday when I’ve got nothing to do(can’t think of when that last happened)I’ll watch it – commercials and all. But when I watch it now, I think to myself, Man that fucken kid cries ALOT about his life!

    I also couldn’t watch Beetlejuice enough or Edward Scissorhands, and when I was really young I admit I loved Big Top Peewee.

  47. my favorite movies:
    Wayne’s World (I have a whole elaborate explanation on how this film has become who I am. Long story short “And her name was cassandra”)

    Empire Records (loved it. now own it! woo!)

    Pan’s Labyrinth is pretty good, I shall hopefully own it.

    I do love Moulin Rouge.

    ….and of course…

    the princess bride. though the book is infinitely better.

  48. Bukkake and the Bible. Together again, at last, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.

    Well, so much for the Immaculate Conception…

  49. Kathy A

    Restricting myself to movies I loved as a kid (I’m putting that as under 12, as well) is a bit hard. Repeat viewings of films were only the event movies (Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Ten Commandments/Godspell/Jesus Christ Superstar–the Easter trifecta!), since I was born in 1966, before the video revolution.

    In addition to those films I mentioned (especially the Easter trifecta), I loved Astaire/Rogers movies (always shown on New Years Eve on PBS Channel 11, and a fall back to watch while babysitting), and 1776 (always shown on Channel 7 the week of July 4th in the 3:30-5:00 pre-news slot).

    But, my favorite movie back then was The Sting, which was the first “grown-up” movie I saw in the theater when I was seven. I love grifter films to this day as a result. (I vividly remember seeing the film at the Rialto Theater in downtown Joliet, and when the opening credits were over and the words “1936, Joliet, Illinois” appeared on the screen, the place went wild.)

  50. bernarda

    Like mike, I liked the B-movies. I don’t remember many, but “House on Haunted Hill” was one, as was “Forbidden Planet”. Then there was “Dr. Strangelove”.

    I better remember tv shows such as “The Soupy Sales Show” and “Rocky and Bullwinkle”, the best cartoon ever, well along with The Simpsons.

    A little later, the two movies that I liked and still like the best are “The Wild Bunch” and “Psycho”.

  51. Ok, this will totally date me: Carrousel. Went to see it in the back of a stationwago, sleeping bags spread out, with a bunch of other neighborhood kids. 101 Dalmations, also at the drive-in if memory serves correctly. 3 Lives of Thomasina. Darby O’Gill & the Little People. Swiss Family Robinson. The Moonspinners.

  52. PurpleGirl

    Auntie Mame (with Rosaline Russell)
    Forbidden Planet
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    World Without End
    A Crack in the World
    Giant Bohemoth
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    The Haunting of Hill House

  53. Polonius19

    Giant Robot. Ultraman. Godzilla vs. Gamora. The Little Rascals. The Bowery Boys. Rat Patrol. Baa Baa Blacksheep. The Ten Commandments. Ben Hur.

    Then everything changed when I saw Star Wars.

  54. monoglot

    I would eschew all invitations on Saturdays to watch the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films and the Mr Moto ones with Peter Lorre. I would watch Charlie Chan, but was not as enraptured by them…

  55. Cabaret
    All the old Mae West and WC Fields movies
    Al Pacino in Serpico and Mae West in anything — those were my heros

  56. Nora

    I’m really dating myself but the old MGM musicals were my favorites. Anything with Gene Kelly got my attention. The Wizard of Oz, Fantasia, Snow White. Loved them all.

  57. car

    Better Off Dead. Saw it when we all got hauled to the movies during a 6th-grade sleepover. John Cuzak was the cutest thing ever, but the female lead kicked ass.

  58. Time-Machine

    Okay, under 12 limit for me. This is going to date me as a youngin’ but oh well.

    Beauty and the Beast, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Cats Don’t Dance, Edward Scissorhands, and The Iron Giant.

    There’s more, but those are the ones I obsessed over. Completely obsessed. I was very nerdily obsessive even at the earliest delevopmental stages. This is best illustrated with my first movie love, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I could sing the lyrics “From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success” before I learned my first word. (In a functional manner, of course, such as word A = object A, because technically all of those are words).

  59. blusilva

    Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz, for sure. And, oddly enough, a B-movie with Jodi Foster and Martin Sheen called “The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane”. I wanted to be her character SO BAD!

  60. Rhiannon

    The Last Unicorn. No question.

  61. Hava

    Wizard of Oz and Hard Days Night.

    I also had an addiction to vampire movies and Edgar Allen Poe films.

  62. Mr. X

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (doesn’t age well), Jaws, Star Wars, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Kids Are Alright (Who documentary), Star Trek II.

  63. In no particular order:

    The Last Unicorn
    The Star Wars Triology
    An American Tail
    Transformers: the Movie
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    As one can tell, I am a geek.

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