Vanessa at Feministing: Kelly Clarkson: Unexpected Feminist of the Week (I totally love Kelly Clarkson, btw, and I’m not surprised at all. She’s a firecracker!)

LeMew: History’s Greatest Monster

Pam: Fox News executive producer comes out; hypocrisy of winger network exposed

Madison Guy: Edward Hopper: Shadowed by the Light

Lauredhel: Young Women’s Activism: The Next Generation of Abortion Doctors

David Neiwert: Authoritarianism is really the driving mindset underlying most of the nativist opposition to Latino immigration.

Lauren: Gross

Please feel free to use as a blogwhoring thread, as always.



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6 responses to “Read-Ems

  1. oddjob

    Shakes, thanks for the link to Madison Guy! I left a comment there.

  2. I’ll blogwhore for once the 1895th time: re-mixing Newt Gingrich’s Liberty University commencement address.

  3. I have a post on border control and wildlife. It covers some of the problems with a border fence.

  4. Dealing with today’s complete Dem capitulation to a clearly out of control, politically weak and overwhelmingly unpopular President, and his GOP enablers, a party clearly in disarray right now

    Strong Leadership Requires A Spine & A Willingness To Fight

  5. Cute puppy alert! I got a puppy yesterday. I’m in love.

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