Happy Third Anniversary…

…to my amazing friend Nancy and her wife Joan, who together comprise one of the New York couples whose marriages a Massachusetts court ruled last week are legal.

(Brian Shumay photo for the New York Times)

Love love love to you both.



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14 responses to “Happy Third Anniversary…

  1. I don’t know you, but a friend of Liss’ is a friend of mine. Happy anniversary and may you have many many many more!!!

  2. Thanks a zillion, Brynn. If the NYT posts any more photos of me looking like shite while my wife glows, I dunno how long it’s going to last.

    But otherwise we’re planning on being around a long, long time.

  3. photos of me looking like shite

    SHUT. UP.

    You look adorable in that picture.

  4. Oh, puhleeze, Nancy. With your awesome hair and cute glasses, you’re the one who caught my eye!!

  5. Happy Happy Day! To both of you.

  6. amberglow

    mazel tov! : >

    (and hopefully this will lead to full legalization here)

  7. Constant Comment

    So far, this is the only good news we’ve had today! Congrats.

  8. Misty

    Happy anniversary!!

  9. Congrats!

    I was listening to “City Hall” by Vienna Teng, her song about the marriages in SF.

    So this is lovely to read now that I am trudging through work.

  10. Tart

    Hey, we live in the same neighborhood!

    Yay Park Slope, and congrats on the article- that’s way cool!

  11. PortlyDyke

    Happy Anniversary!

    Between gay flamingos and lovely dykes prevailing, my day is made!

    (I can call you dykes, can’t I? — So sorry, if the answer to that is “no”.)

  12. mamajane

    Flamingos, anniversaries, what a great day to be human!

    Congratulations to you both, and may you wear those beautiful smiles for many, many more!

  13. Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments. And PortlyDyke, family can call me whatever the heck they like, so long as they don’t call me late for breakfast

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