Caption This Photo

After this, you up for a pedicure?

Two grizzly bears enjoy a soak in their tub at the San Francisco Zoo on April 1. Grizzlies, once quite numerous in California, have been extinct in the State since the 1920s due to human mistreatment of the bears’ habitats, and have been classified as a threatened species in the United States since 1975. (Photo and caption submitted by Layla Williams)


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19 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. PortlyDyke

    Marge, don’t look, but I swear to god there is some perv over there taking a picture of us in the hot-tub! Damnit! I said ‘Don’t Look!’

  2. Somebody warn the Colbert Nation! Gay married bears have illegally snuck over the Canadian border!

    Ontario, you’re dead to me.

  3. PortlyDyke

    SAP — LOL for real!

  4. Grandjester

    “Didja hear about the flamingos?”

  5. Oh noes! Da walrus finded us!

    (Sorry, I just had to.)

  6. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Dude – you’ve been rooting through that Mexican garbage again, haven’t you?

  7. mamajane

    LOL so hard I may need depends! MUST watch Colbert tonight!

  8. All of the above are excellent.

    “Don’t chew on the tub Honey, it’s from China.”

  9. Doktor Wankenstein

    “Ask your doctor if Cialis is right for you…”

  10. PortlyDyke

    “Don’t chew on the tub Honey, it’s from China.”

    Bwahahahahaha! Love that!

  11. “Dude, I know you wanted a jacuzzi, but you are aware that you’re not supposed to make your own bubbles, right?”

  12. KarateMonkey

    “Ask your doctor if Cialis is right for you…” LOL

  13. TheCunningRunt

  14. rege

    Did I ever tell you the story about the time I went to a party on the Duke-Stir?

  15. “Wait, why’s the water sudden warming…?”

  16. jeff

    I seriously doubt THAT has anything remotely to do with what Jeff Gannon meant when he said the thing that makes him the horniest is “Joining two Bears in a hottub”

  17. Some people like oysters, some people like snails – my taste includes both oysters and snails.

    My robe, Antonius.

  18. Steve Carr

    Ramonnnnnne, get me a buffet

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