Monday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers. What’s the word?



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19 responses to “Monday Blogwhoring

  1. I took Mark Helprin to the woodshed yesterday for his bone-stupid Op-Ed in the NY Times on copyright law.

  2. I’ve got Random Flickr blogging and an ode to Sunday Morning.

  3. Sadly, I forgot my own blogiversary, and Blue Gal rightly sets me straight on a thought experiment gone awry (check the comments).

  4. Having recently been through my father’s illness and death, I have some feelings on Steve Gilliard’s situation. Now, with extra swearing!

  5. I have nothing of terrible interest to anyone other than family and friends, but I did finally this morning post some pictures of my new home, now that all my boxes are unpacked. And this week, I will be posting some recipes for lovely summer cool meals. In anticipation that it will get hot at some point and cold food will be wonderful!

  6. I have nothing of terrible interest to anyone other than family and friends

    Not true!! I for one have waiting to see those pictures, and I love the dining room.

  7. I consider the racist implications of The Last King of Scotland, and rant at the anti-Semitism of a recent episode of ER.

  8. Jay in Oregon

    I came across this site:

    It’s exhorting readers to cancel their XM subscriptions and get rid of their XM radios, over the whole Opie & Anthony thing.

    Sounds good, right? Problem is, they’re not telling people to cancel their subscriptions because XM won’t fire Opie & Anthony; they’re telling people to cancel their subscriptions because Opie & Anthony got suspended.

    Yes, this is a fan site. Fuckin’ unreal.

  9. I’ve given up on defending Christianity, even to the point of pretty much giving up on Christianity itself, though I still am a believer.

    And it’s because of Du’a Khalil, what Whedon wrote and what Melissa and others have been writing.

  10. I just celebrated my one year blogiversary on the 19th.
    Have a look for a time waster.
    I blog about Irish Studies, feminism, books, and film.

  11. I posted today about the Holocaust-denying Iranian government whining that the movie “Persepolis” depicted the theocratic scumbags unfairly.

  12. Thanks, Ken! You are invited for dinner anytime!

  13. the first three posts are the beginning account of my trip into the superstition mountains

    i’m too bone ass tired from driving in from san diego this morning to post them individually. the first one is titled “Laying Pipe” then it’s traditional sequence.

  14. WOO HOO! I posted my 1000th post and introduce a new contributor- a woman’s voice in my petulant world.

  15. RW

    My blogversary was three days ago. It was my zeroeth. Over/under on how long it lasts? A month?

    I have compiled petitions relevant to the dolphin-saving movement, and a link and a rundown to a survey of the biological evidence for cetacean sentience.

    Its whats been missing in the world.

  16. RW

    Hey blogspot bloggers, is there an easy way to put those fancy imbedded links into the body of your post? If you’re, you know, a big techno putz like me.

  17. This week I’ve been wondering whether it is acceptable to desecrate graves due to poverty, what if I ate that fish, and noting Cambodia’s descent from democracy to authoritarianism. Also a few paragraphs on Comrade Duch.

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