Daily Round-Up

Friday and the weekend…

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Illinois is America’s Most American State

Litbrit: Nightmare at the Dream House, Revisited

Melissa: Mad Leadership Skillz

Waveflux: Anheuser-Busch Gets Spyked

Nightshift: The Great Divide

Melissa: Rufus is So Tired of America

Mustang Bobby: Bordering on Bipartisanship

Tart: Some Things are Just Bad for You

Melissa: Friday Blogwhoring

Melissa: Rape is Not Only Hilarious; It’s No Big Deal

Misty: Friday Dog Blogging

Kathy: WaPo Op-Ed Dismisses Comey Testimony

Melissa: Friday Cat Blogging

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Melissa: McCain Goes Ape

Brynn: A Pleasant Surprise

Kathy: Honoring the Troops, Bush-Style

Kathy: Vacation? What’s That?

Mustang Bobby: Arthur Branch for President

Kathy: The Imperial Emerald City in Iraq Gets Bigger and More Permanent

Litbrit: It’s Time for America to Legislate Mandatory Country of Origin Labels

Melissa: Happy Birthday, Mr. Furious!

Mustang Bobby: Still Pee-wee After All These Years

Waveflux: Word Association

Melissa: Songs for Mr. F

Brynn: “Honor” Has Nothing to Do With It

Kathy: Learn to Get Along, Or Die

Mustang Bobby: No-Shows

Kathy: Military Recruiters in the Public Library


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