Another Grand Old Perv

What a shocker. A former South Dakota lawmaker accused of molesting his own foster children and legislative pages is a Republican.

Ted Klaudt, 49, a Republican rancher from Walker, faces a long list of charges: eight counts of rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, two counts of witness tampering, sexual contact with a person under 16, and stalking.

Court documents mention five possible victims. Three were foster children between the ages of 15 and 19 who lived with Klaudt’s family. One is a cousin of one of those girls, and the fifth is a friend of Klaudt’s daughter.

In the most disturbing accusation, the girls say Klaudt had them convinced they could earn up to $20,000 by donating their eggs to a fertility clinic. And even though he has no medical training, the girls say Klaudt did all the supposed “exams” and “procedures” himself.

…Five different girls now say Klaudt did things ranging from manual “breast exams” to the painful procedure of actually going inside of them with a speculum and collecting body fluids. The girls say when they cried, Klaudt gave them a beer and told them to toughen up.

His “examination tools” have been found at his home.

Via Tristero, who got it from Atrios, and who notes: “I think it may be fair to raise a more general question, whether an obsessive concern with regulating abortion and defining marriage has more than just a casual association with sexual perversion.” I think that may be fair, too. Because the evidence is kinda compelling…

Grand Old Perverts-a-Go-Go: Pedophiles, more pedophiles, yet more pedophiles, lots and lots of pedophiles, wife-rapers, mule-fuckers, falafel-creeps, closet cases, gay hookers, porn star escorts, Hookergate, dirty novelists.

Quite a moral values parade, that.

Also, Amanda with The Creepy Uncle Factor—which put me in mind of the time I was being honored (in high school) for some paper I wrote or some bullshit by a local men’s club. A community club, like the Elks or something, but not the Elks. (This is how much it meant to me that I can remember none of the details.)

In any case, I was eating a dinner in a room full of middle-aged men, and the entree was Beef Stroganoff. They were making “strokin’ off” jokes left and right, as if I didn’t get it. The president, who was seated directly beside me, said, “You know what I like with my strokin’ off? A little honey, aged 16 years.”

This was followed by a round of all the other things these men liked with their strokin’ off: cherries, chicken breasts, “a little lamb,” etc.

Finally, I said, “You know what I like with my strokin’ off?” They all looked at me; I kept my eyes on my plate. “Old pervs.”

No more jokes.



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22 responses to “Another Grand Old Perv

  1. Jay in Oregon


    Finally, I said, “You know what I like with my strokin’ off?” They all looked at me; I kept my eyes on my plate. “Old pervs.”
    No more jokes.

    Could you be any more awesome?

  2. bluestockingsrs

    Wow, Melissa.

    I wish I had that much presence of mind (and wit) at 16.

  3. strokin’ off – I’m a man, and never in my life would I say those types of things to a young girl. I am speechless.

    Female Shakers – Is this common? I read Amanda as well and I guess I’m just naive, I just would never, ever, ever be such a pig.

  4. bluestockingsrs

    You’d be amazed, Ken, you’d be amazed.

  5. I wish I had that much presence of mind (and wit) at 16.

    I was really scared and really angry. I remember shaking when I said it; it didn’t feel like a triumph. I just wanted them to stop making me uncomfortable, and “I know what you’re saying,” didn’t seem to cut it.

    The men in my family (my grandad, my father, his five brothers, my mom’s brother) didn’t ever talk like that. They never spoke about girls/women in denigrating or demeaning or objectified ways. All of my uncles who had children had at least one girl, which might have something to do with that, although, before my sister and I were born, my dad had developed a reputation among the other football coaches as a wussy who wouldn’t make fun of chicks. In any case, I never experienced that shit as a child, and I have never had the slightest tolerance for it or the faintest ability to withstand it in silence.

  6. bluestockingsrs

    Yeah, I imagine it was pretty scary, but I am constantly amazed by your ability to speak truth to power, Melissa.

    Your upbringing sounds like mine, the men in my family would never speak to me or any other women or girl in a sexist way, it just wasn’t in their nature.

  7. “You know what I like with my strokin’ off? A little honey, aged 16 years.”

    “Huh, I wonder what you’d end up liking with you strokin’ off when you’re in prison, jackass.”


  8. I wonder if it ever works for them. I suppose it might, with a pliable girl being honored and all. You weren’t interested, but they were.

  9. Angelos

    We had some awesome Beef Strokinoff jokes back in college, but that was just us and the cook, busting balls. Yeesh.

    I’ve been reading about this freakshow since Atrios posted it late Friday or so. Just beyond disturbing.

  10. It makes me realize much of what went on around me and outside of my understanding when younger, because I grew up among Republicans and how the old men would hit on the little girls, and it was never taken at all seriously… of course.

  11. It really is an entire mindset or world view pushed by the GOP. And woe to any guy who doesn’t sign on: that means he’s a “pussy”.

    I’m like Ken — this whole way of behaving is utterly alien to me.

  12. Grandjester

    Was in a boys youth group attached to a well known mens group, whenever the female youth group was around, the too long hugs, side boob brushes and whatnot were definitely going on and very DEFINATELY creepy beyond words. Nothing too overt, but some of us boys got really pissed if it was one of our GF’s. But these were paragons of the community, WTF could we do except get the fuck outta dodge…

  13. Phran

    Time to boil the computer again after reading that…kudos to you, Melissa
    for having the eggs to speak up, even if you were

  14. Like Ken the Lurker, I can’t imagine addressing a teenager that way. Yuck.

  15. I can’t imagine addressing a teenager that way

    One of the features about this sort of treatment of girls/women is not actually addressing them directly, though. In this case, the men weren’t addressing me. They were talking about me, to each other, as if I weren’t even there.

    That’s why combatting it with something like, “Please stop talking about me that way” doesn’t work–because the men doing it will then immediately make it ugly. First you get “Don’t flatter yourself,” and if that doesn’t shame you into silence, then the crazy card gets played–you’re paranoid, you’re hypersensitive, you’re overreacting. And you definitely can’t take a joke.

    And all the while, your intelligence is being brutally insulted as the assholes pretend you didn’t totally bust them on their assholery.

  16. WOW! Today seems to be pervy Monday!

    Good job Melissa! That just SICKENS me about the male race; middle age pervs at the trough telling rude, condescending sex jokes with an underage girl present.

    Round’em up and send them to Romney’s SUPER-SIZE GITMO!

  17. Linnaeus

    Nice one, Melissa. I just don’t get why anyone would think talk like that was appropriate. Ever.

  18. PortlyDyke

    petulant: Today seems to be pervy Monday!

    Oh damn! Now this is what I have in my head!

    Just another Pervy Monday —
    I wish it was Sun Day —
    ’cause that’s my Fun Day . . . .

  19. PortlyDyke

    On a serious note — this shite is about to make my head explode!

    HOW? HOW? HOW does this not become an OUTRAGE in our culture?

    Fourteen counts of child sex abuse!?

    Please encourage me to stay online and keep informed, or tell me to go shelter in my personal cave. My distress meter is pinned to maximum.

  20. These stories made me throw up in my mouth a little. They also reminded me of when I was 21 and had this old skeeze-bag boss who thought nothing of plopping himself down beside me and leaning in to tell me in “confidential” tones how his new 19-year-old “girlfriend” was crazy in bed and called him “Daddy” and what did I think of that? Only he delivered it with an extra dollop of slime intending to get me to talk about my sexual proclivities. It scared me and creeped me out but I had no idea how to handle it because most of the men in that company acted/talked that way, openly, like they were discussing the last night’s ballgame. It was just a lame student job and I quickly found something else, but it’s always bothered me–both that I didn’t say or do anything and that I felt like there was nothing I could do but leave. Thanks for sharing your story, and I’m with bluestockingsrs–I’m totally, continually amazed at your ability to speak truth to power!

  21. Arkades

    So… theories?

    Does sexual repression actually cause perviness, or does perviness just more easily hide itself behind a facade or sexual repression?

  22. Here’s an entry I posted around 10/06, with a long, LONG list of elected Republican pedophiles…

    (original article here )

    Pardon me while I go vomit now.

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