“Honor” has nothing to do with it…!!!

I will admit up front, I could not and did not watch the video posted after the fold. I started to, but could not continue. It was too horrific. My heart went out to the young woman and I literally felt like I was going to throw up.

So be warned.

But I am posting it here as a graphic refutation to any and all who dare to say that feminism is unnecessary because women have achieved equality with men. Or who accuse feminists of being deluded ball-busters who hate men and walk around with chips on our shoulders. Or to fans of Opie & Anthony and their ilk, who think fostering a climate of hatred toward women is funny and entertaining.

I know regular visitors to Shakesville do not fall into this category, but we all know people who do. We may work with them, attend classes with them, hang out with them in the pub, play sports with them, or even spend family holidays in their company.

The next time one of those people says something derogatory about feminism, point them to this video.

It shows a teenaged girl, Du’a Khalil Aswad, publicly kicked, beaten and stoned to death, most likely by her relatives, while spectators — numbering as many as possibly 2,000 men—rather than trying to help her, film the atrocity with their cell phones.

This, Shakers, is a so-called “honor killing,” a misnomer if there ever was one and a barbaric practice found in countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, India, Pakistan, Sudan, Jordan, and Egypt. In these crimes, women are brutally murdered for suspected sexual transgressions. As explained by Wikipedia, the murder is typically perpetrated by the women or girl’s own relatives and/or community and unlike crimes of passion or rage-induced killings, is planned in advance. Courts rarely become involved or prosecute the perpetrators.

The “crime” of the young woman in this video, by the way? Having a Sunni Muslim boyfriend. (More on it can be found here.)

This is an outrage!!!

(H/T Crooks & Liars.)



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11 responses to ““Honor” has nothing to do with it…!!!

  1. Obviously sexism, racism, and homophobia died with Jerry Falwell. Lucky that the rest of society is more enlightened. We are going to be singing Kumbaya in 50 languages tomorrow.

    Just walk outside, hold hands with your neighbors. Patriarchy is dead!

  2. This video was shown on TV here in Spain as part of a regular newscast. Plus the stoning to death of two other women in Pakistan. There they are so
    Civilized that they have rules that include things like how the woman is buried in the ground up to her waist, a man up to his neck, before the Stoning begins and also the size of the rocks you may use!

  3. PS: Forgot to add: Pakistan is one of our major allies according to Deacon dumb and despite it being a Muslim country, a military dictatorship, a posesor of Nuclear weapons, a supplier of nuclear technology to who knows whom and this kind of shit!

    With friends like that what do we need fucking enemies for?

  4. Princesa Leah

    Thank you for posting this; it is so important that we not forget women’s equal rights still have a long, long way to go, especially in countries where they are forced into submission by religious or extremist laws. It breaks my heart to read about this young woman’s tragic fate.

  5. oddjob

    Execution by stoning is a common command in the Bible.

  6. There is much oppression and injustice in the world, against women, against blacks, against Muslims and against Jews and against Christians and against Atheists.

    There is no method of war which can end war, but there is a need to see as much of this injustice as we need to remind ourselves never to tolerate it.

    Peaceful disagreement may be tolerated as to all things.

  7. This happens all the time. I read on Talk Left about an honor killing in Iran. There is no democracy without respect for human rights. Contrary to what the neoconservatives say.

  8. bernarda

    Lest we forget, the xians had wonderful practices like the Inquisition and the Witch Trials.

    It is not good enough to say that is in the past. Today we have Cotton Mathers and Torquemadas in the Falwells and Robertsons and Bushies.



    You can find more on google of course and also try google images.

    A final reminder with Monty Python, “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition”.

  9. Kiki

    I saw this on a cable news network (last week can’t remember which one, I think MSNBC). I was shocked. It was one of those moments where you feel the blood leave your face and goosebumps pop up on your arms. You hear about this, but never see it. So barbaric, and foreign to us here in the US. What is most disturbing is that some of her relatives were involved (thus, the “honor” killing). I can’t even imagine. I guess I would be dead too, because I would fight for my daughters’ lives. She was a child! Just a baby! These people are so conditioned to be like this, I guess they don’t know any better. And did they ever? Look at their lives. This is what they are taught God wants!! I had just finished reading a short novel about Afghanistan, called the Sparrows of Kabul dealing with this very issue. And there it was for real on television. Makes you cry and gnash your teeth in frustration! I guess Jerry Falwell would fit right in.

  10. TinaH

    Murders like this happen in the United States regularly, we just call it “domestic violence.”

  11. Murders like this happen in the United States regularly, we just call it “domestic violence.”

    I agree totally with your sentiment, though I think the private nature of domestic violence in western countries makes it different.

    In the US and Europe, control of women is more subtle and the rules of behavior allow women more sexual latitude. But the double standard, which holds that a sexually active boy is a stud while a girl is a slut, remains in force. The violence of rape, domestic assault, and the threat of the two are ever present. Women (and trans people like me)pay heed to these threats, and modify our behavior accordingly, or we risk suffering the dire consequences.

    I view what happened to this poor girl in Iraq as a much more extreme version of Opie & Anthony’s on-air stunt. But I do believe the two events are on a continuum.

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