The Virtual Pub Is Open

TFIF, Shakers! What’s your poison?



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99 responses to “The Virtual Pub Is Open

  1. An O’Douls — amber — and all the peanuts in the shell you have so I can throw the hulls on the floor.

  2. mackenzie

    organic amber ale – the lager from the same coy. (natureland) is yucky but this isn’t bad, although in general i have yet to really enjoy organic beer.
    and i think organic gin is just a scam.

  3. This must be my lucky day. One of my favorite cocktails is Pussy Juice….
    1 1/2 oz Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay coconut rum
    1/2 oz grenadine syrup
    1 tsp lime juice
    2 – 3 oz orange juice
    2 – 3 oz pineapple juice

    But I don’t order it in bars – usually. But tonight, I can’t resist.

    One pussy juice, please (insert joke here).

  4. Well shit. I had to get here from linking from my own blog but what the fuck.

    The action at that pussy joint left something to be desired. And I tried to get it goin.
    I really did..

    A shot of tequila for me please, with a pipe loaded with smoke? OH, do you serve that here?

  5. After railing on Falwell, take the strongest liquors you’ve got in the house, Lissa, and give me lots of it!

  6. Lots o’ liquor for all my bitchez–coming up!!!

  7. Vodka tonic, if you please. I’m a little hungry too. Too bad the kitties apparently got to the bar food already…

  8. Grandjester

    I’m knocking back Whaler’s Vanilla Rum and Coke. Hard to get fucked up on 60 Proof tho, tasty but I gotta find somebody here in the states that carries the Gosling 151 as I no longer have a good buddy in Bermuda to send it to me. Any help?

  9. I LOVE the combo cat blog and Virtual Pub.

    Very classy Liss. Very classy.

  10. Tami the One True and I are sitting in my living room, drinking refreshing beverages. She has a filthy mouth!

  11. Graham

    My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don’t love Jesus.

    Anybody up for buying me a drink?

  12. I’b awb stupped up wib a sumber colb. .

    So, hot tea with some Myer’s dark rum and honey, please.

    (I love how cats do that with their tongues. It’s really funny when they forget they stuck their tongues out and just leave them there, all pink and silly and stuck to their lips, and they look up at you as if to say, What? WHAAAAAT?)

  13. Consider it bought, Graham! Jesus has an ill temper on him, he’ll cool down in a bit…

  14. lust is no substitute for love
    and I LOVE you.

    And I LOVE the White Stripes.

    And the only thing keeping me from hell right now, is the June release of their new album.

    Shut up Angelos. No! I have not downloaded it yet. Can I?

    Come to me again, in the cold, cold night.

  15. Angelos

    O hai.

  16. I went looking for my boy, he wasn’t in the bedroom, he wasn’t pissing in the bathroom, he wasn’t kissing me in the kitcehen, he wasn’t even out smoking on the lovely patio.

    He was sitting here in the dark, with my orange pussy sitting on his lap.

  17. Angelos

    Well, kona, you can download the single…

  18. Soooo, anybody up for un poco de Miles?

    a la España?

  19. Let’s have a ball and a biscuit and take our sweet time about it.

  20. Glad to see the Pub weren’t damaged by the storm t’other day. Cervesa y mas cervesa!

  21. Did I hear someone say Miles? As in, Davis?

  22. Cervesa por Phydeaux.

    See, I can serve two drinks in two establishments.

    Damn. I am good.

  23. Miles, as in White Stripes, Davis!

    Stop making my toes tingle, QD.

    And if you tell me we need to slow dance, I’m gonna say, wait for that blue chick.

  24. Ignorance is brilliance!

  25. Y’all serve Irish whiskey in this place? I take great comfort in the fact that Black Bush has no connection (that I know of) to the shithead in the White House (and if there is one, please don’t tell me).

  26. PorlyDyke

    Litt – Me too!

    I’ll take a double shot of Nyquil, straight up.

    (OK, not really, I’m more organic than that, but nobody would’ve gotten it if I had asked for Homeopathic Cold Calm on the rocks.)

    Now you know why I posted so much today. Too sick to work.

  27. Sketches o’ Spain, IMHO. Though I’ve been proven wrong before.

  28. Y’all serve Irish whiskey in this place?

    I would question the authenticity of this here pub if it didn’t. BB, o’ course!

  29. You know that one bottle of scotch you have up there in the corner? The one with all the dust on it?

    I’ll have that. No, not a drink, the whole damn bottle, please.

    I’m going to drink to the memory of Falwell, Dobson, Robertson and Perkins.

    What’s that? They’re not all dead? Well, there’s always hope, isn’t there?

  30. pidomon

    The usual shitty amer-i-cun beer for me
    Budweiser please with a shot of Jack back

  31. Oh Girl, you have no place in medicine.

    Jack White ROCKS MY WORLD!

    Give me a shugar pill and watch me waddle down the street.

  32. I love Jack White like a little brother.

    Shootin’ Up and Gettin’ High.

  33. Me’Shell.

    I heard voices.

    Would yo DIE for it?

  34. Funkin’ Negroes.

    Get your groove back on.

    Get it ON NOW.

    Before it becomes 98 Fahrenheit degrees.

  35. Since we’re doing animation now…

    A classic gif, created at the behest of the classic Shakers.

  36. Ooo, I found someone that can easily best McLame!

  37. Angelos

    I’m doin’ the Icky Thump over here….

  38. Angelos

    Sittin’ drunk on a wagon to Mexico…

  39. Joni has made an appearance, btw. You might have missed it while you were clowning around.

  40. Angelos

    But I must say, my “lyric of the moment” is:

    And do me a favour, and ask if you need some help!
    She said, do me a favour and stop flattering yourself!
    How to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off, might be too kind,
    Perhaps fuck off, might be too kind.

  41. Kona, are you trying to kill me over here with those things?!

  42. He’s trying to do something to all of us.



  43. Angelos


  44. The clowns. They frighten me.

    More alcohol, please.

  45. Oh my! I need whiskey to protect me from the scary clowns.

  46. Angelos

    I fuckin’ love clowns…

  47. I have to say, it’s people like you, Angelos, that keep this clown nuisance alive. TNX K BAI.

  48. Angelos

    Hey Shakers, want a project?

    I’m putting the finishing touches on the layout of my brother’s first jewelry brochure.

    I’m an ace technical writer, but I can’t do flowery bullshit to save my life. Can anyone help me with this:

    I created my first line of jewelry in 2003. Since then, through extensive research and development, I have created the many new designs which I share with you in this catalog.

    Working from my studios in the Catskills, NY and in Phoenix, AZ I bring you quality hand-made jewelry that is affordable, elegant, modern and stylish. Using ancient and modern techniques to merge line, form, color, and texture, my goals is to further the possibilities of jewelry design.

    I look forward to sharing these unique creations with you!

  49. Angelos

    Hey Shakes, what did you think of those 42 Below ads?

  50. Hey Shakes, what did you think of those 42 Below ads?

    Oh, shit. I forgot to look at them!

  51. Can anyone help me with this

    I could. My rate is $40 for copywriting.

  52. My rate is $40 for copywriting

    How’s the clean-up at Shakes Manor?

  53. How’s the clean-up at Shakes Manor?

    It’s getting there… The tree’s gone. Now we’ve got to deal with the lawn.

  54. Angelos

    How ’bout some earrings?

  55. Is the electrification company treatin’ you right?

    Angelos, are the 42 belows ads the ones on the site? If so, I really like the Hero ad.

  56. Is the electrification company treatin’ you right?

    Angelos, are the 42 below ads the ones on the site? If so, I really like the Hero ad.

  57. Angelos

    Petulant, here is the full series of print ads that won this year’s Cleo.

  58. Angelos

    Way ahead of ya, Jack…


  59. Great ads Angelos. I have to go to bed!

  60. Cripes. My pic is missing.

    Zoh well.

    Bah-bah-bah Becks has an aftertaste.

  61. Clicked the wrong smiley at the end.

  62. Angelos

    Still the best political song of 2006.

    Still waiting for this year’s…

  63. Angelos, check your email.

  64. Angelos

    Oh yeah?

    Check yours, bitch!

  65. Angelos

    Man, everyone’s all tuckered out I guess.

  66. Angelos

    And God’s name is smack for some…

  67. Angelos

    It’s ALIVE!!!!!!

    Or, at least SAP is.

  68. SAP is double-O C.

    That’s out of control, for any non-geeks who inadvertently wandered in here…

  69. Alls I need to do tonight is hiccup and piss.

    No clowns intended.

  70. The Blues Party has begun. Stop NOW!

    The clowns were only a message, with a specific intent.

    And Paul the Spud did not comply.

    Maybe he’s busy cowering in the bathtub.

  71. There was a bad storm blowin’ thru.

  72. Received and noted.

    And I’m lonely but I ain’t that lonely yet.

  73. And I’m lonely but I ain’t that lonely yet.

    Go hug Tater Tot, you kittified bastard!

    /jealous assholery

  74. Thanks for an awsome article. You’re blog really rocks!

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