Rufus is So Tired of America

For Maurinsky, who I dearly hope saw darling Rufus performing on Letterman
in the cutest lederhosen evah last night.

Via Sully; H/T to Oddjob.



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7 responses to “Rufus is So Tired of America

  1. Damn, I was expecting Chaka Khan’s old band.

  2. historicupstart

    yaaay!! rufus press at shakesville!! i was literally swaying and squealing like a little girl in my living room as he sang ‘release the stars’ last night. such an amazing song. and he did so well! i’ve been a fan for almost 10 years now, and i’ve never seen him so confident and happy performing on a late show. the new album is amazing. check it out y’all.

  3. Sadly, I missed it – I wasn’t watching TV last night (after I finished watching The Office on the Tifaux – Creed stole my Swing Low, Sweet Chariot boob joke!)

    Will have to look for it on YouTube. I adore Rufus Wainwright. I wasn’t quite as hip to Rufus as historicupstart – I didn’t find him until 7 or 8 years ago – but it was love at first listen.

  4. I didn’t see the Letterman performance, but I did get to see Rufus play live a few weeks ago. He is SO AMAZING.

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