Friday Dog Blogging

The dog has recently started backpacking; his first adventure was a couple weeks ago.

Resting, a few miles in on the first day

Bonus pup tent below…

Very tired dog on second night

Yes, he has his own tent–which he carries in his own pack (along with his other necessities). He looooooved it. 🙂



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17 responses to “Friday Dog Blogging

  1. I can’t deal with how great that pup tent picture is!

  2. ah, so THAT’s what a “pup tent” is…

  3. Silver Owl

    Are you going for his Working Pack dog titles?

  4. Misty

    SC–Isn’t it just the best pic? My husband is having it printed and is planning on framing it. LOL

    Silver Owl–Nope.

  5. Bethynyc

    All right, now if you can get pictures of him setting up his own tent, I’ll be even more impressed! What a sweet face!

  6. puellasolis

    Those pics totally made my day. Especially the second one.

  7. Chromosome Crawl

    WOW! Look at those eyes – they totally show how tired he is in the puptent pic! I’m betting everyone slept well that night.

  8. Tart

    Cuuuuuuute! As my mom says: He’s a good dog, that baaaad dog.

  9. Betsy

    Oh LORD I can’t take how cute that is. Feminist(s’) dogs represent!! We’re not just cat people!

    Also, where did you go camping? It looks pretty there.

  10. Misty

    It’s along the Deschutes River, in eastern Oregon.

  11. Constant Comment

    Too cute…I’m jealous. I miss my Sierra Club backpacking days.

  12. isabelita

    Great photos! I’ve hiked along the Deschutes; it’s a gorgeous river. I especially liked the huge rapids rigth next to the trail, and those “fire hydrant” springs.

  13. That expression in the second photo is totally priceless.

  14. Oh my God, I LOOOOVVVEEE that photo! I can almost feel that cold nose from here.

  15. Kym

    That second picture is so cute and awesome.

  16. Misty

    Thanks everyone!

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