Scientiae #6 at On Being a Scientist and a Woman: The carnival by, for, and about women in science, engineering, technology, and math! (Via Coturnix.)

August: The Most Lucrative Punking Ever

Jeff Fecke: Katherine Kersten Strongly Against Abortion in Public Restaurants

Lauren: Training Day

Erica Barnett: Cary Tennis Gets it Wrong

Steve M: Hillary

Panasonic Youth: City Council holds emergency Task Force Meeting to address police brutality during 2007 May Day protests. (Well done, Mark!)

Avedon: Keeping an Eye Out

Nico at Think Progress: Senators want Gonzales no-confidence vote

Feel free, as always, to use as a blogwhoring thread.



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4 responses to “Read-Ems

  1. My medical condition is caused by The Steve Miller band.

  2. Annals of Beltway Reportage:We Read the WaPo So You Don’t Have To — The second career of Blake Edwards as American Idol performer. Good thing the Washington Post’s reporting on Iraq is more carefully researched and accurately reported than their show biz coverage. Oh. Never mind.

  3. Amy’s got a post about how the NY Times is insulting Venezuela’s poor people by calling them “peasants.”

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