In Celebration of Writing

I dedicate this comic’s linkage firstly to Melissa, and then to the rest of you potty-mouthed bitchez. Please, do rock on.




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9 responses to “In Celebration of Writing

  1. What Melissa said.s

  2. nightshift66

    I remain convinced that the truly effective writer tailors the words to the audience, using an appropriate vocabulary to convey the information without causing the recipient to fail to hear the substance by becoming fixated on the verbiage.

    That said, and after careful consideration of this, our chosen audience, Give ’em hell, kiddo!

  3. Tart

    True, nightshift. But our great writers have always been fearless; they employed appropriate and non-distracting language, and wrapped subversive, revolutionary, ‘inappropriate’ ideas in beautiful words, and we read them with pleasure and they change us. Like Thomas Hardy, who was a badass mothafucka.

  4. nightshift66

    Agreed, tart. A great writer must be fearless and true to their own vision of reality to have any impact on the world.

  5. …rocking on as we speak…

  6. Kym

    I read through the xkcd archives last week, and I totally thought of this blog when I saw that one.

  7. Great stuff. Thanks.

    Reminds me of “Burn This” writing projects.

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