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“Am I the only one who [is] thoroughly fascinated by the Manly-Man’s relationship to the vulva? He’s supposed to fucking love it (or at least love fucking it), and simultaneously be disgusted by it. All while asserting his dominance over its owner. So make sure you point out how much you just can’t get enough pussy, and then reiterate the fact that girlie-bits are nasty. Don’t forget to promote abstinence-only coolness with the kids by setting a good example and telling them that lady-parts are icky and sex is for fags.”—Jill at Feministe, responding to a conservative dude’s consternation with the vulva and aversion to “cunninglingus.”



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15 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. I’m reading a cool science fiction short story by Gwyneth Jones, “The Fulcrum,” and it has two hominid alien characters, a “het” couple, but one that humans can’t distinguish between vis-à-vis gender. To humans, the pair look like a sorta physically odd set of human twins.

    One human thug, Jack, in the course of threatening and attempting to intimidate the couple, says to the feminine member of the pair (quote from the story):

    “Shut up, cunt. “You are not fucking aliens, that’s just a story, and I’m talking to your boyfriend.”

    Draco [other badie] laughed. Jack slowly released Orlando [alien], glaring all the time.

    “Listen, fuckface,” said Orlando, straightening his jumper with dignity. “We are aliens in relation to you, you pathetic old-fashioned machismo merchant, because you haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of understanding where we’re coming from. Now do you get it? And by the way, I’m the cunt, thank you very much.”

    Don’t know if it makes sense out of context, but I absolutely love it! And in my non-linear, convoluted way of thinking, it seems particularly apt to this Quote of the Day.

  2. mac

    Nothing like a little cunnilingus to bring me back out of the woodwork.

    Isn’t interesting as well how many “manly men” have way too much admiration for other manly mens’ manliness? There’s a whole lot of denial going on there…

  3. Patrick Dolan Jr.

    Geez, does the fact that I think girly bits are beautiful make me less manly? Damn. I must have been unmanned by that humanities degree. Or maybe it was the soy milk.

  4. oddjob

    brynn, have you ever read The Left Hand of Darkness? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it to you!


    a conservative dude’s consternation with the vulva and aversion to “cunninglingus.”

    I wish this “Dude” would introduce me to his wife.

  6. oddjob

    A warning that the link is NSFW would be in order…..

  7. LMFAO. Oddjob…

    Isn’t that akin to putting a warning label on a sex toy shop?

    It’s just a diagram of a va ..va..

    Shhhhh. (vaGIna) Or the entrance at least with a plethora of bad comrades in cohesion.

    Me, I’m a tad old-school. None of that scientific shit for me.

  8. Ain’t come across (pun?) many icky female private parts. And they’re all pretty unique too, making them all the more interesting. One day, I gotta write my own “Vagina Monologues”, but then, I just like women in general.

  9. And a by-the-way, looking at it all clinical like the pic at the link doesn’t make it too appetizing … 😉

    And who knew that’s what they call the tain’t.

  10. Grandjester

    Not everyone cares for Col. Angus.

  11. oddjob

    LMFAO. Oddjob…

    Isn’t that akin to putting a warning label on a sex toy shop?


    Why in the world would that be so?????

    Writing about genitalia and posting diagrams of them (non-erotic or otherwise) aren’t the same thing.

  12. TheCunningRunt

    Grandjester, you just made my night!

  13. oddjob, I did, but years ago and not since transition. I should read it again!

  14. oddjob


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