Monday Blogwhoring

Whatcha got, Shakers?

Recommended reading…

LeMew: Abortion “Contrarianism”–Still Wrong

Mad Kane: Mother’s Day Limerick Contest … With Money Prizes!

The Onion: Middle East Conflict Intensifies As Blah Blah Blah, Etc. Etc. [H/T Sarah in Chicago]

Sara Anderson: Ladies Don’t Have Opinions


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14 responses to “Monday Blogwhoring

  1. I’m just amazing today.

    Money is News, News is Money

    Monday Movie Review: Times Square.

    And from yesterday, if you’re into that sort of thing, Sunday Meditation: Beltane Fires.

  2. Mash starts out with more (completely justfied) decrying of Katrina’s aftermath, but then tells us about a rescue operation that our military did RIGHT back in ’91, that I never realized the scope of.

    “… The relief efforts of U.S. troops are credited with having saved as many as 200,000 lives. …”

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my limerick writing contest!

  4. I write about the real reason why those “In God We Trust” license plates in Indiana are a problem.

  5. Inspired by Bill Moyers’ “Selling the War” and Naomi Wolf’s “Fascist America, In Ten Easy Steps,” here’s Part 1 of Moyers, Wolf, and Journalism in Crisis.

  6. OT, Tech question here

    How do I link to youtube or other videos with the blog I’ve got, specifically, how do I get that video screen-as opposed to the usual text link-on the blog itself?

  7. For all football fans I have begun my draft grades over at Planet Houston

  8. Wow, I’ve never done this before. They say it only hurts the first time though, right? 🙂 So ‘pro-life’ they’re running out of tiny baby coffins on my blog, Mosh Pit Mom. I get a tad ranty and conspiracy flavored in there, so be warned.

  9. KinkCranky,

    On each video’s page, there’s a couple of lines of code to the right of the video. One of them is for embedding; just copy that code and paste it into your ‘create blog’ screen. I usually put it in the ‘edit html’ screen.

    Also, it usually doesn’t show up on the ‘compose’ screen, but it should always show up and work on preview.

    Hope that helps.

  10. I spill a few words about the new Southern magazine, Garden & Gun.

  11. A day late and a dollar short, but today we discuss our statewide paper’s editorial writers and their equating the majority of the Little Rock School Board’s wanting to fire the current superintendant with the Central High Crisis of 1957 with its troops with fixed bayonets, screaming white supremists, and fifty year federal oversite of the school district. Yep. Looks the same to them. Oh and the former Lonoke Chief of Police and his wife, who were found guilty of more than twenty charges each and sentenced to 40 and 20 years respectively, tested positive for narcotics. Melroy has a conniption fit about that.

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