Daily Round-Up

Friday and the Weekend

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Karl and Clippy

Melissa: Dem Debate

Wolfie: MIWOMIT Presents: VD is for Everybody

The Heretik: Dunking in the Dark

Melissa: Homophobic Hatred in Indiana Leads to Murder

Litbrit: FDA Raids ChemNutra’s Office; China Admits Problem For First Time; Menu Foods To Sue ChemNutra

Melissa: Friday Blogwhoring

Space Cowboy: Kristol Kalled on the Karpet

Melissa: Quote of the Day

Misty: Beliefs on the Teevee

Melissa: Tag Clouding the Debate

Tart: The Mang Kids Will be Happy In Their Own Good Goddamn Time!

Waveflux: Assuming That’s a Lie

Litbrit: Senator Reid’s Emergency Petition

Melissa: It’s Just Violence Against Women

Melissa: Friday Cat Blogging

Melissa: I’m a DUDE!

Melissa: Fox News—What’s Left to Say?

Kathy: Top Al-Qaeda Operative Captured — But When? And Was He?

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Mustang Bobby: Chalk Up Another One

Brynn: 10 Easy Steps to Fascism in America

Kahty: The Dean of Washington Journalism Needs A Refresher Course in Fact-Checking

Kathy: Health Care is a Partisan Issue

Wolfie: “I will never be good enough, not until I am light as air”

Waveflux: MichaelMoore.com returns to LaVena’s story

Brynn: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me…!

Melissa: Another Bush Administration Resignation

Litbrit: Food Tainting Update: Melamine Spiking A Common Practice in China

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