Go. Away.

Goddamn, I loathe John McCain.

Less than a week after McCain was rightly taken to task for his hee-larious “Bomb Iran” number and replied with the belligerently assholish “Get a life,” he’s done exactly the same thing again!!!

On Tuesday night, he goes on The Daily Show and “jokes” about bringing Jon Stewart an IED. Unsurprisingly, not everyone found that “joke” particularly funny—including veteran and Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA), who takes to the house floor to rip McCain a new one: “In the last four months, we’ve lost more troops than any other period during this war. … Imagine a presidential candidate making a joke about IEDs when these kids are blown apart! It’s outrageous!” [Video at the link.] This morning, McCain goes on Good Morning America and says: ” All I’m going to say to Murtha and others. … Lighten up and get a life.”

Fucking despicable bastard.

Atrios says what ought to be obvious to any halfwit but eludes the evidently witless McCain: “The point is that dead troops and other victims are no longer capable of getting ‘a life’.”

Uproarious, huh?



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23 responses to “Go. Away.

  1. McCain must not think he has a big enough shovel to dig his hole.

  2. colvin

    “Fucking despicable bastard”

    A guy who spent 5 yrs in a POW camp is a Fucking despicable bastard?

    You people are totally gone…

  3. Fucking despicable bastard.

    You said it!

    What has happened to McCain?! There was a time I respected him, even though he was a Republican. I know this has been asked before, but was he always a total asshole, or has he changed?

  4. A guy who spent 5 yrs in a POW camp is a Fucking despicable bastard?

    Anyone who behaves like this is a fucking despicable bastard. That he spent 5 years in a POW camp makes it even more ridiculous that he can’t understand why he is deeply offending people.

  5. Grandjester

    I have been riffing with the guys over at Armchair Generalist over McCain. He’s just not the same cat he was in 99. Humping the Bush leg to get ranger money and pandering to the religious right does not scream “maverick”.

    It’s actually kinda sad to see him want to be prz so fucking bad that he went against everything that made me think he was different from the other R’s.

  6. Teddi

    101 Ways Not To Get Elected Preznit
    By John McClain
    Burned Out Light Bulb Press

  7. Colvin, if you’re wondering why your second comment was deleted, it’s because promoting racism is not acceptable in these comments threads.

  8. Unfortunately, I can’t get worked up into a proper righteous fury over the latest wankraggery, because that “Lissie SMASH!” image is so damn cute it insists on cheering me every time I look at it. I’m finding that to be a persistent problem with the site–you might want to look into it. 😉

  9. There is nothing that could be said about McCain that I would not be surprised about, other than “HOLY SGIT! I SAID WHAT?!”

  10. When someone is a POW, they get and deserve some leeway.

    But when that person does the Baghdad market fiasco and the next day several dozen Iraqis who were at the market with him were killed,

    And that person claims to stand against those who applaud torture, then turns around and gives torture a great big high-five,

    And that person sings about bombing Iran which would unquestionably make the Iraq mistake look minor in comparison,

    And that person tells the vast majority of the peace-desiring US to get a life,

    Then that person is a goddamned asshole.

    But we still won’t make fun of his POW-related injuries.

  11. Anonymous

    Well said, Rehmeyer.

    McCain is squarely in the category of Someone Who Ought to Know Better.

    …and is it just me, or is this sassier-but-not-a-bit-classier version of McCain a relatively new thing? I seem to remember him more noted for his temper than his sense of humor. One might have hoped that a more laid-back McCain might have been an improvement, but if his newfound jocularity only serves to poke fun at and minimize the suffering of others…

    …ah, crap. Now they’ve got me nostalgic for Grumpy McCain…? That’s playing dirty!

  12. RachelPhilPa

    Unfortunately, I can’t get worked up into a proper righteous fury over the latest wankraggery, because that “Lissie SMASH!” image is so damn cute it insists on cheering me every time I look at it. I’m finding that to be a persistent problem with the site—you might want to look into it. 😉

    must …
    have …

    * (croaks) *

    (Yes, I know I’m repeating myself.)

    As far as McCain is concerned, I think he might be exceeding Shrub in buffoonery. Hard to believe, I know…

  13. DragonScholar

    Noting the McCain is a vet/was tortured argument – yes, that gives him some credibility in the school of hard knocks.

    Then he’s squandered any and all earned respect with his statements and actions. In short, whatever that previous activity he engaged in that speaks to his character, he’s lost any credibility with later actions.

  14. Should we expect anything more from this man?

    I suppose the Freeprs and other crazy people are laughing their asses off, and after all, isn’t that why he’s doing this? To get the crazies on his side?

  15. oddjob

    “Colvin” is not he who is best not named?

    “He” sure writes the same way.

    As to McCain, the more thoughtless the better. Whatever honor and integrity he earned from being a POW he has spent in his transparent lust for the Oval Office.

  16. I thought we were calling all trolls “jaspers” now anyway, oddjob. this latest one certainly seems to deserve it.


    A guy who spent 5 yrs in a POW camp is a Fucking despicable bastard?

    Well I’ve been fucking shipwrecked twice so does that qualify me to captain an aircraft carrier?
    A guy who spent 5 yrs in a POW camp is a Fucking despicable bastard? WITH BELLS ON YOU IGNORANT BASTARD!

  18. amish451

    I watched that despicable bastard in action …the real heroe there was Stewart; for not making it perfectly clear to his audience that he was sitting across the desk from a fucking despicable bastard who had just made a joke about American Kids dying in a war built on lies by liars like McCain ..

  19. car

    And to think, I had assumed it was impossible for anyone to top Dubya’s joking about finding weapons of mass destruction (“I know I left them around here somewhere”)…

  20. Em

    I’m glad you blogged on this. I’ve been living out of a hotel the past couple days b/c I got flooded out, but I caught Murtha on CNN and had a flash of PA pride. Fucking despicable McCain, indeed.

  21. Thealogian

    And what about the kicking the dog joke? What was that about?

    And in terms of spending five years as a POW–that’s horrible and stands as a reminder as to why WAR is so immoral. The thing is, one ought to be judged by one’s conduct and by one’s speech. Thus far, his speech is that of a war-mongering, delusional hawk. His policies are Bush’s policies. He supports this war unconditionally because he believes that that is the only way he will receive the Republican nomination because in past campaigns, when he has served as the outside agitator and the skeptic, he lost (due mostly to the dispicable and outragious political ploys of the Bush camp). But now he’s in bed with that lot and he’s sold his soul. That is a sad loss because he was the last Republican I reserved even an ounce of respect for, until he started positioning himself as heir apparent to Bush & Co.


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