Get a Life

Serious foreign policy candidate John McCain’s little ditty, “Bomb Iran,” hasn’t gone over too well, it seems. Who’da thunk that a populace deeply opposed to an ongoing conflict in the Middle East wouldn’t have howled with laughter at a send-up of the next war for which the architects of the current quagmire are gunning?

Comedy is a brutal gig, man.

Anyway, the testy geezer was decidedly unhappy when asked about his reaction to the negative response his “joke” has gotten, snapping: “Please, I was talking to some of my old veterans friends. My response is, lighten up and get a life.”

Yeah, douchebags! Where’s your sense of humor? Bombing people is hilarious!

What irritates me so thoroughly about McCain’s exhortation to “Get a life” is that the life it has in mind is one ignorant of the world, indifferent to pertinent issues, and callous to the value of human life. It’s a life in which one doesn’t pay much attention to politics, nor scrutinize politicians too closely. McCain would be perfectly happy if everyone in America lived a life like that, so that making light of bombing another country wouldn’t matter, and he could cruise into the White House on the back of a bogus reputation he doesn’t deserve.

McCain doesn’t like citizens who have refused to become derelict in their duty, who haven’t gone AWOL. McCain doesn’t support a vibrant participatory democracy. McCain wants us all to stop paying attention and get a life.

We humorless gits who loathe you have lives, you condescending arse. Rich lives, in fact, in which we’re busily trying to save our republic, which is more than any sycophantic presidential wankrag like you can say.

Get a life, my fuzzy twat. How about you get bent?



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8 responses to “Get a Life

  1. This post needs those Batman “BOKKO!” “OOOOF!” “POW!” captions to go with it. Fucking YEAH.

  2. sycophantic presidential wankrag

    BEST. PHRASE. SINCE. “McLame”.

    you ROCK Missy!

  3. Constant Comment

    And they seriously wonder why Iran wants nuclear weapons? Who the hell wouldn’t with these nimrods in charge?

  4. mac

    sycophantic presidential wankrag
    OMG Shakes! I can’t imagine it being said any better than that, and your pics are frickin’ hilareous!

  5. mac

    That didn’t sound too sycophantic did it?


    It’s just a fucking shame the sycophantic presidential wankrag didn’t take his little pleasant walk through a Bagdhad market yesterday so he could see the body parts of 170 people strewn all over the patch. But he could have got those rugs even cheaper after that. Course it would mean he’d really have to pour on the bullshit to tell us all just how well the surge is going.

  7. JW

    “..Anyway, the testy geezer..”.

    There it is. Almost, anyway. McCain is a Testy OLD Geezer. His new moniker? “Tog”. As in Senator Tog (R-Az.).

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