“When Do We Send Them an Airmail Message?”

Sing it, McCain:

(Energy Dome tip to Oliver.)



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18 responses to ““When Do We Send Them an Airmail Message?”

  1. Who? McCain, or the guy with the question?

  2. OMIGOD!!!

    That is frightening! That McCain could joke and laugh about such a horrible thing, when more than 200 people died in Iraq yesterday as a direct result of American “intervention” there and he laugh about American threats to bomb Iran.

    Did you notice, there was a sort of stunned surprise, but no one booed or hissed? They laughed and clapped. I would’ve been so booing!

    Of course, I woulda never been at a McCain event in the first place.

    These people are the embodiment of true evil.

  3. Constant Comment

    I think it’s pretty clear these past few months that McCain is going to bring his campaign down all by his clueless self. I find his self-sabotage to be fascinating. Also fascinating are the assholes sitting in the audience–as opposed to, say, Iraq or Afghanistan–fueled by the typical wingnut macho version of testosterone.

  4. SAP

    To answer the question: “When do we send them an airmail message?”

    As soon as you get off your fat ass and enlist or re-up. Dumbass.

  5. JW

    This is the third time I’ve stumbled on the chuckling McCain singing that Brian Wilson song within the past 30 minutes. It’s amazing. The fool apparently forgot (if he ever knew) that phones come with cameras nowadays. Was he overseas when Micheal Richards committed professional suicide?

  6. How many nails in the coffin does it take for this man?

    His lunacy will keep him alive for centuries.


  7. McCain: doing and saying anything to try to get war mongering conservatives to vote for him.

  8. larkohio

    McCain appears to have lost his mind. He should be very aware that we do not want a war with Iran, no way, no how.

    He will not be our next president, thank God.

  9. Aaron Rapp

    Its ridiculous that the US spends so much on the military and nuclear weapons when there is not a single military threat to us, and then chastises countries like Iran for pursuing nuclear weapons (No proof that they are, but they would be NUTS if they weren’t)in the face of war-mongering US threats.

  10. JW

    Jeezus. It’s even worse than I thought. The footage wasn’t shot from a phone. There were cameras in the room, and McCain KNEW it!

    On CNN a few minutes ago, the blonde airhead-anchor had a big smile on her face after that piece ran. She then assured the viewers that McCain turned “serious” immediately afterwards.

  11. He is such an idiot.

    Okay, I’m done with him. Constant Comment’s right; he’s his own worst enemy now.

    I’m moving on to Giuliani. Grr.

  12. This makes me actually worried about his health.

  13. Random Guy

    I have been wondering about his mental health for awhile now. He just seems off the rocker.

  14. Constant Comment

    Speaking of mental health, why can’t we have a requirement that every candidate submit themselves to one? Seriously. Not sure what that would entail, but these last six years have made it crystal clear what all is at stake…

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