Blogger offers Texas conservatives $500 to abort themselves

BLOGOSPHERE — A Blogger has proposed that Texas legislators offering women considering abortion cash to not have abortion be offered $500 to abort themselves.

William K. Wolfrum, who added the offer is also good for conservative radio talk show hosts, said Friday the money might persuade the legislators to make the world a better place, and that there were far too many Texas conservatives running around mucking up the U.S.

“If this incentive would give pause and end the existence of even 5 percent of these conservatives, perhaps we wouldn’t have lost so many Americans and helped in the slaughter of so many Iraqi civilians,” Wolfrum said. “And really, it would make the great state of Texas much more livable.”

One political analyst, speaking anonymously, said that being that so many conservatives had sold their souls for much less, she believed many would jump on the opportunity, and that stock in kick-stool and rope companies were skyrocketing in anticipation of a massive jump in sales.


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One response to “Blogger offers Texas conservatives $500 to abort themselves

  1. Sam Hensel

    That’s hilarious. I read about that legislation. We’ve got George W. Bush, Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, Rick Perry, John Cornyn, Joe Barton, Sam Johnson, Lamar Smith and others. I hope at least one of these clowns will respond.

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