Yarrr, matey!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We find out via The All Spin Zone that a student in North Buncombe, NC, exercised his Pastafarianism and found himself suspended:

A North Buncombe student is suspended for wearing pirate attire to class. The school says he created a disturbance. But Bryan Killian says costume is part of his religion, Pastafarianism, and that the suspension is the school’s way of violating his first amendment rights.


Officials at North Buncombe say their decision to suspend Killian for one day had nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs. In a statement, Buncombe County Schools say, “…clothes and items that are deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive to classroom instruction are prohibited.” School administrators also say he ignored repeated warnings about his attire, and they had no choice but suspend him.

Yo ho, baby. Yo ho.

ASZ also points us to a local news poll (that you can vote in) that asks if you think the school district did the right thing regarding the suspension. Interestingly enough, most people are saying no.

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  1. As someone who gives the great Flying Spaghetti Monster as much credence (perhaps more) than other mainstream religions, this little bit of news went a long way toward cheering me up the other day.

    Well done, young Pastafarian!


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